Sam´s Club Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies

For the Independence Day holiday this year my husband and I welcomed his family and some friends over for dinner and movies. It was an awesome time hanging out and just relaxing at home.

Well mostly relaxing. We did spend a bit of time preparing the food. My husband was the grill master as always preparing some Bar B Que Chicken, Roasted Corn and of course Hamburgers. I was in the kitchen making some mean mashed potatoes, pork and beans and brownies.

Okay so I admit it, I didn’t actually bake brownies. Curiosity of My Blog Spark and Pillsbury I was provided with a gift pack and a gift card to Sam’s Club and was able to pick up a great holiday dessert for the family. With a taste as delicious and authentic as if you baked them at home, Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies are a blend of 3 types of cocoas with real chocolate syrup and milk chocolate chunks to make a delicious fudge brownie—they’re the perfect solution when you’re pressed for time like I was.

Along with my coupon for the brownie tray I also received a cake decorating kit to add personal flair to my brownies. While that process didn’t turn out as smoothly as I had hoped, it was fun trying.

Well everyone loves brownies but not everyone loves to bake so if you would like to win a brownie pack of your own we will provide you with a Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies gift pack that includes $25 Sam’s Club gift card to use to purchase the brownies, frosting, and a large container for transporting the brownies. Also, when purchasing Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies at Sam’s Club, you have the chance to support your local school with Box Tops for Education. Each package of Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies has 6 Bonus Box Tops that can be redeemed to earn cash for the K-8 school of your choice.

For a chance to win leave a comment below with the details of your favorite brownie recipe. Don’t like brownies, let me know your favorite holiday dessert. Please be sure to leave a valid email address just in case you are chosen as a winner so I can contact you.

A winner will be chosen on Saturday, July 17 using Good Luck!!!


Sandwich Revolution House Party

Sandwich Thins Party

Last month I was so glad to have been chosen to be a part of another House Party and present another great product to my friends and family. This party couldn’t have come at a better time. My family as you know just relocated to Maryland and we need a great way to welcome our friends to our new home. And what better way then to offer some great food.

House Party sent me a Sandwich Thins package earlier in the month that included:

5 $4 off coupons for Sandwich Thins rolls and 1 Sandwich Thins Cutting board for me as a host. Then 15 $1 off coupons for Sandwich Thin Rolls, 15 Sandwich Thins reusable grocery bags, 15 Sandwich Thins grocery list pads, 15 Sets of Sandwich Thins recipe cards, 45 blank recipe cards and 15 Sandwich Things rolls nutrition facts and healthy fun tips.

Using the Sandwich Thins House Party page I found some great party ideas and games to share with my guests. I really think everyone enjoyed the game we played. I chose a ‘best sandwich’ contest game. The object of the game was for the guest to get into groups of 2 and come up with the most creative and tasty sandwich using only 5 ingredients (not including the Sandwich Thins). My husband and I, along with my sister-in-law put together all the ingredients and had everything set up around the dinner table. They had 5 minutes to chose their ingredients, assemble their sandwich and present it to me for pictures and inspection.

Once every team had finished their sandwich creation, they cut of a corner for the judge (my wonderful husband) to test them out. Of course he loved that part. Everyone had a blast and all the sandwiches tasted delicious.

Up until this party I hadn’t really tried Sandwich thins but I am glad that I have found them. Nice, light and tasty choice of sandwich roll. Perfect size also, even fits hamburger patties.

Highly recommened them!!!

Fun, Fit and Guilt Free YourShape Party

Recently my friends and I had the awesome opportunity to participate in the House Party’s Fun, Fit and Guilt Free party featuring Jenny McCarthy’s Nintendo Wii game Your Shape and Jello Mousse. We also had some fun playing the Just Dance game to some of the greatest 80’s and 90’s music. Here are my review of the products I shared.

Just Dance: This is a fun dancing game that uses the Wii Remote to register your ability to mimic the dancing character on the screen while measuring your timing, emphasis and position. It has over 30 hit songs from the 80’s, 90’s and a few from latest decade. It is loads of fun just listening to the different great songs and actually getting up and being active. The few things I didn’t like about the game is: 1. You don’t have that much time to really see what the next move is and the little stick figure you have isn’t all that descriptive also. So you always feels as if you are fighting to keep up with the character. 2. I could just be a really bad dancer but I don’t feel the remote really picks up all your moves. I get tons of X’s (missed moves). Okay it isn’t just me because all my friends experienced the same thing … we all can’t be that bad. Overall: I don’t think I would have purchased the game, but I on other hand, it will remain a game in my ‘games to play’ pile for its fun group party appeal.

Ubisoft’s Your Shape. If you are looking for a game to provide a great workout, this is a good choice. It provides you with some great intense exercises to get you moving, toned and burning calories quickly. And the use of the camera is ingenious. On the screen you get a view of both the animated Jenny McCarthy and a video image of yourself. You have the ability to see yourself next to her to know if you are performing the moves as you should. It is a great motivator. The few things I don’t like about the game is: 1. While the addition of the camera is really awesome, you will learn during the set up that there are a few restrictions. You must make sure that there is sufficient lighting, that your clothes stand out from your back ground, that you have a room set up with at least 8-10 feet of space between you and the camera and that there are no other objects/people/animals moving in the back ground. So if you are in a small apartment, with children who can walk or crawl … your going to have problems. 2. While you can set up each day to chose which part of the body you want to work on (arms, chest, legs etc.) you can not chose the specific workouts or exercises. For instance I love working out my arms, but I just can’t manage the side plank exercise … there is no option to exclude that part and exchange it for a different arm exercise. You can’t customize a work out. Hopefully if there is a sequel to the game they will add that to it. Overall: I love the game, love the workout I get and find myself using it at least 4 times a week. While I don’t have the ideal set up in my home making the camera use ‘faulty’ I have learned to accept that my stats will be off but I know actually doing the workout. I would purchase the game and see myself using it for a while longer.

And lastly the Guilt Free Jello Mousse. Jello has a new cold mousse product that comes in three delicious flavors, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate and Carmel. They are light and fluffy 60 calories of goodness. If you have ever had a mousse before you know the texture is different from your average jello so it takes a second to get used to … but it isn’t a bad different. Overall: I am more of a yogurt girl so I don’t think I would have noticed it on the shelve before this party, but I am glad I found it. I have found a new dessert that is not too bad on the thighs.

That night we played, we danced, we exercised, we ate jello. Loads of fun … Thanks House Party!

Disclosure: House party provided me with 1 copy of Your Shape fitness game w/motion tracking camera, 15 Your Shape workout headbands, 15 coupons for $10 off Your Shape game on Amazon, 1 Just Dance Bonus Video Game (Wii game), Mousse Temptations by Jello- napkins and spoons, 15 coupons for guest (50 cents off) and, Free coupons for the host (5)

Baby-Everywhere: Keeping You Organized and Baby Safe

You just spent nine to ten months worrying about the little life that was being formed inside your body. Constantly checking for little movements, always anticipating hearing the little heart beat, double checking that everything that you eat is safe for both you and more importantly the baby. Now the baby is here and you can relax … HA Yeah Right!

Now you worry even 10 times more then you did before. Is the baby breathing? What happens if there is a fire? Is the car seat set up correctly? Is my home baby proofed enough? Is she breathing right? Did I leave all the information that the babysitter needed? Really … this is the 8th time checking if he was still breathing and he’s only been asleep for 30 minutes.

It is amazing sometimes that new moms ever leave their homes with all the dangers, and what if’s roaming around in this big scary world. What would really help is if we had something that could help us be organized, inform us some safety precautions and help us be more baby safe.

Baby-Everywhere has just the right products to help us out. Baby-Everywhere is an easy-to-understand and instantly ready-to-use line of products. It is based on advice from pediatricians, emergency medicine physicians and nurses, paramedics, firefighters, police officers, child safety seat installers, and other experts. It is recommended by the America an Academy of Emergency Medicine and Pediatric The information in all Baby-Everywhere products is translated into Spanish. They are the first of their kind to be offered by and

I was fortunate enough to  have  received a few of the Baby-Everywhere products to review and give away to my faithful readers. There are two items available.

Safe Baby Organizer:

Safe Baby Kit:

In order to be entered to win please

1. Go to the Baby-Everywhere website and check out their products. Come back and leave a comment letting me know which item is your favorite and in what ways it would help your family. (*be sure to leave which one out of the two products you prefer so I know which one to reserve if you win).

For extra entries you can.

2. Tweet about the contest and leave another comment with your tweet link.

3. Follow both myself (@pchanner) and (@babyeverwhere) Florence Weiner – Owner of Baby Everywhere on twitter.

This contest will end on Friday, January 22 and two winners will be chosen using on Saturday, January 23. Please be sure to leave a valid email address so you can be contacted if you are a winner.

Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds Tour

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to join my friend @ModernMami and attend a media tour of Walt Disney Worlds Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. It is a camp ground located in the middle of Walt Disney World© that allows you get away from ‘it all’ while still have ‘it all’ near by. From this resort you can get anywhere in Disney World in moments by hoping on one of their many buses or boats.

If you enjoy the outdoors, this is the perfect resort for you. You have two options on how you can spend your stay at the resort. Option one is to rent one of their many Wilderness Cabins. They are a nice balance of home style comfort with the beauty of nature. Each air-conditioned, one-bedroom cabin has room for six (queen bed, a bunk-bed and a drop down bed). They all come equipped with a full kitchen, private patios with picnic tables and a grill, cable, TV, VCR/DVD player, and daily housekeeping.

The other accommodations include an incredible campsite. There are secluded sites for all types of RV’s as well as tents. They are level, paved pads which include picnic tables with grills and hook ups available for water, sewer, electric, cable and high-speed Internet. There are also air-conditioned common areas or Comfort Stations that have private showers and laundries. Pets are welcomed.

On the grounds during your stay you have access to a pool area which includes a full size pool, a warm jacuzzi, and a kids splash zone. You can also enjoy a world of recreation including horseback riding, tennis, archery and several playgrounds. There is a nice full sized outdoor movie theater with your favorite Disney movies shown nightly, sometimes they have live performances. For dining you have two outstanding choices. There is Mickey’s Backyard BBQ or the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue, both of which are all you care to eat.

Okay, I can’t give away any more, you just have to go and experience it for yourself. You can make reservations and find more information at Meanwhile check out the pictures I was able to snap during my visit to the resort. There are some pictures at the end of the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party which we were able to attend after our tour of the resort. Great parade and food.

Yoplait Less Sugar (Contest)

Yoplait Kids Less Sugar Gift Photo

Are you searching for a snack for the kids that tastes good and is good for them? Yoplait Kids yogurt is the perfect solution with 25% less sugar than the leading kids´ yogurt. With its thick and creamy texture that will hug your little one´s spoon, you won´t have to worry about a sticky mess to clean up afterwards. It also contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors, so you can feel good about serving it to your kids.

As a part of MyBlogSpark and their partnership with Yoplait, I was provided with a pack of goods from Yoplait Kids. This fun prize pack included a coupon for a Yoplait Kids yogurt, a travel cooler (to take your yogurt on-the-go), a fun spoon that changes colors in warm water, a reusable place mat with games to keep the kids happy while snacking, and a fuzzy tangle puzzle for some after-snack fun.

Now my son is stll too young to enjoy yogurt so I had the opportunity to share my yogurt gift with a friend of mine @modernmami. Her daughter just happen to enjoy eating yogurt so it was a win win situation for us. After eating and enjoying the yogurt she very appropriately shared her 3 year old professional opinion. She liked the Dora & Diego choices. Fun, and she knows the characters very well. As for the yogurt itself she felt the texture was a little thick. She already eats and enjoys the adult yogurt which tends to be thinner. So eventually mom was asked to mix it up a little to make it a little thinner. Mom also noticed that the time it took to finish the container was significantly longer then when she eats the adult yogurt which could very well mean that she didn’t enjoy it as much. But she did eat all six yogurts eventually (of course not in one day) so that is a good sign.

If you haven’t had to opportunity share some fun yogurt with your children here is your chance. MyBlogSpark will send a Yoplait Kids package to one lucky winner. All you have to do is share one way that you make snack time fun for your kids and what is one of their favorite memories you have during snack time.

For extra entries you can also

  • Tweet about this contest and then leave another comment with a link to your tweet.
  • Discus this contest on your own blog, providing a link back to this page. Then come back and leave another comment with a link to your blog post.

Contest will end on Friday, December 11th and a winner chosen on Saturday, December 12th. The winner will be chosen using and will be notified via email. (Please be sure to provide a valid email address with your comment.)

*This coupon offer for a free six pack of Yoplait Kids yogurt is not valid in some states, including Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Tennessee.

Yoplait's – YoPlus Get Healthy Gift Pack


A few weeks back I mentioned that I am participating in the Yoplait®pink lid challenge for breast cancer awareness. Since then I have grown to really enjoy eating yogurt … I never used to like it as a kid. Well lucky for me, others like yogurt also and want to know what people like me think of it. MyBlogSpark offered its members a chance to try some of the new YoPlus Digestive yogurt and to share with our readers what we thought.

When juggling a hectic schedule of everyday life, it may be difficult to find the time for foods that will help keep you feeling on track. But, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore with the help of YoPlus Light yogurt, a quick, healthy snack that also helps regulate your digestive system without compromising calorie intake or taste!

I was at first affraid that  it would have some weird taste to it but was surprised because it didn’t taste any different then their regular brand. The package they sent provided for 8 total yogurts. I had 4 and let my family members try the rest. We all really enjoyed it. I don’t think I had enough to really see the digestive benefits yet but I did feel quite lighter and refreshed after each.

With the help my MyBlogSpark I would like to provide you with the chance to try out YoPlus yourself. Along with receiving two free coupons for any flavor of the new YoPlus Light yogurt you will also receive the following items pictured below: a stylish sports bag, sports towel, and ear buds. (*Please note: These free coupons are not valid in Louisiana, Nevada and North Dakota.)


To win your own Yoplus package you must:

1. Leave a comment below answering the following questions. How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? What tips can you offer to maintain a balanced digestive system?

2. For extra entries you can also

  • Tweet about this contest and then leave another comment with a link to your tweet.
  • Discus this contest on your own blog, providing a link back to this page. Then come back and leave another comment with a link to your blog post.

Contest will end on Monday, November 30th and a winner chosen on Tuesday, December 1st. The winner will be chosen using and will be notified via email. (Please be sure to provide a valid email address with your comment.)

If you are interested in trying it out now here is a link to a coupon to print and use right away.