A Mom’s Fresh Start was created as a way for me to express my thoughts, opinions and experiences on being a wife, becoming a mother and raising a son. I am no expert, and I have no credentials in this field. I simply share whatever it is the Lord laid on my heart to share, what I have experienced, what works for me and whether I recommend it to you. Most of the information I share will be information I have learned from other sources and I will try 110% to always share my sources.

Outside of that, I am a stay at home soon to be mom currently experince life from confines of bed rest. I have been married for five years to the most wonderful man this side of the Mississippi River. Studied criminal justice in college, even got my masters … haven’t used that degree one bit. Would love to one day.

I love trying new things, and helping others start their own new projects. My current projects (I am sure you will see a post or two about these)

  1. Making a baby, more then half way complete
  2. Knitting a blanket for my baby, just learned how to knit a simple block last week
  3. Finding a part time, or a legit work from home job
  4. Re-establishing my wedding planning business and start marketing myself in the area

Yeah, I think that is a good start for now. Don’t want too many projects on my plate … I’d go crazy.


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