What's Your Date Night

When my husband and I relocated up north we made several changes to the balance of our family time. We began to focus more on how we spent our time and what our priorities were. One priority that we both agreed 100% was the very important to our family was our building and strengthening of our relationship. Our family will not be able to hold strong if our marriage is weak. In order to maintain our bond and passion we must take out some time to be alone and just reconnect with each other.

Right now we have started off pretty slow with one date night a month. Sometimes we go all out and get dressed and head to a fancy restaurant. But that doesn’t have to be every month. Last month we just through on some comfy clothes, grabbed some Sushi and caught a movie.

While I love my son tremendously, it is so nice to be able to head out of the house, just the two of us and be alone again. And I don’t want it to stop. I want my son to know that mommy and daddy value and appreciate their marriage. Even when we aren’t out on date nights but just taking a moment each day to spend some personal quality time together catching up on the days activities, I want our son to know that this time is important and a must have for our family.

We are blessed to be surrounded by so many loved ones and family members that we have never had a problem trying to find someone who is available and we trust to watch our son.

Now the next step is for me to get comfortable enough to venture further than 5 miles away from where ever my son is. I have this desire to always want to be near and accessible which can be really limiting when it comes to choosing how we will spend our date night. I am working on it though and I am sure that with time and as he gets older I will loosing up a bit.


6 comments on “What's Your Date Night

  1. I love date night when we can get one. Our last official date was back in Feb. for our anniversary.
    We have mini date nights. Those are the times when we’re in the car and all of the kids are asleep.We’ll talk, and reconnect. Other times we have movie night.
    You are so right. Keeping our marriage is great for everyone.

    • pchanner says:

      I love those mini dates. We try to do that also, and it isn’t too hard yet with just the one child so far. We will see how things change for us when more children are added.

  2. Melissa B. says:

    In fact, we had a “date night” just last night! SITS sent me by, and I’m glad they did…

    Fireworks on the 4th

  3. Jessica Anne says:

    We hardly ever have date night. With three little ones under 4 who have all refused a bottle, it makes it hard for me to be away long when they’re under a year and still nursing. That’s 3 years of needing to be close. I would love to get out with my husband every once in a while though. We do spend time alone after the kids are in bed, but getting out would be great too.

    • pchanner says:

      My son also started a few months ago refusing to take a bottle. I have had to feed him right as we are going out the door and now that he is 10 months old I leave some gerber finger snacks for him. We usually only do either dinner or a movie, we haven’t done both yet. That way we are only gone for 3-4 hours tops and he usually doesn’t need to nurse for at least 4-5 hours.

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