Baby Proofing Time

We may be just a little late on the planning curve for this but it is time that we being to baby proof our home.

In all fairness prior to now we were still living with my parents and didn’t feel right messing with the structure of their home. Then we finally moved into our own home but our son wasn’t really showing any signs of crawling, in fact it wasn’t until he was six almost seven months that he really began turning over fully enough to move around and be more mobile.

However, now he is eight and a half months old and he is not only a crawling master but is always starting to pull himself up on furniture and walking across the length of the couch or table. It is a very exciting time in our home right now. He is busy exploring and learning and we are having the time of our lives watching him discover the world around him.

On the other hand though we have realized that there are many areas in the home that aren’t so safe for him to explore. In order to protect him for those areas we have had to baby proof the areas that he is allowed to enter. What we have done so far is:

Child proof the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms.

We have put those cabinet stoppers on all the doors except one cabinet, the one in the kitchen were are the unbreakable lunch containers and Rubbermaid containers are. He hasn’t quite figured out how to open cabinets yet but when he does I am sure he will enjoy having that cabinet to play with.

Protect all the plugs.

We primarily use power strips to protect our electronics and conserve electricity so we have several unused and exposed sockets around the home. We simply got the plug fillers to block his access to them. I hear that in a few years he will figure out how to remove them and get to them but we are hoping to educate him on the dangers before them.. (High hopes).

Gated Access

The way our home is laid out we only need one gate to really protect him from the ‘forbidden’ areas. Which really we don’t have that many areas he can’t go to yet. Right now we either keep him in the living room when we are having family time. Or we move over one hallway  block access to the kitchen while I am cooking. The other rooms like the bathrooms we just shut those doors.

Door handle stoppers.

Okay so probably not the technical term but that is the best I could come up with. We only have one door that we could use the handle stopper on, and that is the most important door, the front door. All the other doors inside our home have the long horizontal pull down handle, not the round turning handles. I haven’t seen many child proof handles for those types of doors so if you know of any please help out.

Table Corner Protectors

We have a massively strong  and large wood center table with extremely hard corners. We knew immediately those would need to be covered some how. We were able to find some foam covers that you just tape on and so far they have worked like a charm.

That is all we have done so far. We are still looking for other ways to enhance the protection around our home. If you have any suggestions or see any areas that we have missed please share what we can do to improve his protection.


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