Evil Ear Infection

Over the past few weeks I have noticed several changes in my son. His temperament, appetite and bowl movements all seemed very different to me.

It started about a month ago, maybe more now when all of a sudden he started to have soiled diapers very frequently. It went from him having only one soiled diaper a week to four or five a day. Yeah, cause for alarm. We went to see our doctor and he determined that there was some sort of infection that he was fighting off but that it would pass. It did eventually slow down but it was still at a higher level than normal with at least once a day sometimes twice. Normal for some babies, but not my son.

Then last Sunday I woke up to discover my son was extremely warm. I have never felt him that high. We tested his temperature several times during the day and it never raised above 101.7 … so we thought.

Monday morning when we woke up his fever was stable and I felt confident that we could go into work where we have in-house day care. He did great all day and I felt the worse was over. Then Tuesday early morning it seemed his fever had returned. I called into work to let them know I would be working from home to take care of him and take him to the doctor.

When we arrived at the doctor he took his temperature and all though to me he felt just fine he was 1oo.1. Which made me really nervous because if he felt fine to me and was 100.1 I can’t imagine what his real temperature was over the weekend when he was burning up.

Thankfully we discovered that he has been battling an ear infection for some time. It seems that the same bacteria that causes ear infections also can create diarrhea like bowl movements. We no have him on antibiotics and is improving well. Of course antibiotics can cause you have more increased bowl movements so we have to wait until it is completely out of his system to ensure that is cleared up but his temperament and sleep pattern has improved significantly. I am just grateful that we discovered the problem early and that he is on the road to recovery.

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