My Satisfying Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

I must admit that one of the concerns that was close to my heart during my pregnancy was how and when was I ever going to get my body back. I had heard and seen so many women before me that had their own unique experience with this concern. Some women bounced back like rubber bands, while others four, some even seven years later are still retaining some of their extra pounds.

It is not that I am vain, or overly concerned with my appearance, it is much more then that. I can not lie, I do enjoy a slimmer, leaner form, and personally I feel more sexy and physically involved with my husband when I am a smaller size, and these are important. However this time my motivation was different … it was all about my son.

I have always wanted to be that mom who ran around for hours on end with their children playing outside. Playing on the jungle gym and swimming laps around the pool. I experienced being ‘overweight’ (based on what my doctor said for my age and height) and I have to be honest and say that I truly did feel each of those extra pounds. I was less active and for more out of shape. I never want to go back there again.

So after my son was born and I felt physically able and ready I started to get active. I started out small, doing my normal chores around the house, walking to the end of the street and back. Then by the end of the first month I was back on my Wii Fit Plus working out and doing some safe in house strengthening and exercises (push ups, sit ups, etc.). By the third month I was walking at least two miles a day around my neighborhood. I was consistent with it and had a focused plan.

Total, throughout my pregnancy I had gained fourty seven pounds. Far more then I had planned (who does plan that … really). So I had quitea few pounds to lose afterwards. Well my efforts eventually paid off. Luckily for me twenty of that fourty seven pound weight gain was all water retention and that I was able to sweat out in the first two weeks. The remaining twenty seven pounds was all me. By the third month I had lost another ten pounds and had seventeen more to go. Once I started to walk even more (I was up to four miles a day by month four) I started to lose weight more rapidly and by month six I had not only returned to my pre-pregnancy weight, but lost an extra two pounds.

I realized through my journey that if I wanted to achieve my goal it had to start in my heart first. I had to have the right motivation and purpose. Then I had to go at it with a realistic and practical way. I knew a gym membership or weight loss program would not be right for method for me, I had to do something that I was comfortable with and could afford. Walking was perfect for me and my lifestyle at that time in my life. Then I needed the discipline. I needed something to keep me focused and set on my goals. My son! Seeing him each morning and looking into his eyes was all I needed. Just the daily thought that one day he is going to be walking, talking and learning from my example got me up and out of bed putting my walking shoes on.

It was the perfect experience for my post-partum journey. I used to watch how all those celebrity mommas would lose so much weight so fast and be jealous. Not any more … I ain’t mad at ya ladies. I can see how they do it though, lose so much weight so fast. If I would have pushed myself harder or had a trainer pushing me daily sure like they do, I could have reach my goal in three months or even less. But that was not what I needed for my life at the time. Now the next time with baby number two (whenever that may be) I may have a totally different experience. Life changes every year/month/week/day. I could be a different place with myself and have different goals to achieve them. At least I will be equipped with the knowledge and experience that I can achieve my goal whatever it may be when I set it.

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