Seconds Anyone

I know just how inquisitive family and friends can be … especially in matters of family expansion so I am not surprised that we are already being asked about when our second child will be expected. My son is just eight months old but it we have people already questioning and planning out our next child and when we should have them.

When we first found out that were in fact truly expecting a child we naturally started our family planning. We decided then that if it was up to us we wanted to wait at least three years before planning for our next child. We like to space them out just a little to provide each child with some focused personal time. We realized just how important these first few years can be in a persons development and want to be able to focus our attention on child before needing to turn and address another child.

That is still how we feel and what we plan for our family but we fully understand the power of God and how His will always prevails. Just like the first child we are doing nothing to prevent or cause a pregnancy. We konw God’s timing is perfect, not matter if we agree or not, it always works out.

So that is my answer to any and everyone that asks … ‘It’s all up to God.’

Oh and by the way … when it does happen … we would love a little girl.

One comment on “Seconds Anyone

  1. Kieran is 29 months old, and I think I’m *almost* mentally ready to get pregnant. We’ve been trying for awhile (problems with fertility and turning 35 in a few months urged us to start trying earlier than I would have liked), but I am SO happy that we’ve had this long with Kieran by himself.
    And really – there’s no perfect time to have any child, #1 or #10 – it’s different for every family.
    .-= Dionna @ Code Name: Mama´s last blog ..Are You Calling Me a Liar? =-.

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