Our Container Garden

As part of my 2010 goals my husband and I began to plant our little container garden out side on the porch of little condo. I have always wanted to grow my own fruits and vegetables. While I can’t have as large of a garden as I truly would like there is so much that we are able to accomplish using containers and small pots.

Since this is our first time and we don’t have that big of a space to work with we have begun small. We started out with a small herb container with three different types of plans. I wanted to get stuff that we actually use so we have planned thyme, basil and mint. I wasn’t sure how well it would do so we got seed lings ( I think that is the term, the plants already started). Then my husband is trying his hand in growing some strawberries. We have two small pots with strawberry seed lings and a another pot with the just seeds. And finally I have planted some sunflowers seeds.

So far everything has been coming along real well. My herbs are growing and expanding, the strawberries have a few buds on them and the sunflower seeds have actually grown and sprung out of the soil. Here are a few pictures of our progress.


One comment on “Our Container Garden

  1. Ressie says:

    Next year your mint and thyme will come back! Mine has every year, along with chives! We also have a container garden on our deck. The gift that keeps on givin’! Enjoy. What’s the old saying? Your closer to God in a garden… Let us know more about how your strawberries do.

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