Spring Cleaning at our Home

This week at my home we are beginning our spring cleaning process. Luckily we have just moved so there isn’t too much mess to deal with. We have already conducted a massive weeding out and de-cluttering process as we unpacked each box so most of what we have in our home now are items we find useful, relevant and/or sentimental. So now what is left is the actually cleaning and organizing of the items we have left. Our list is short and sweet this year should be complete in a week or two depending on much outside activities distract us.

Here are the few projects we will undertake over the next few weeks.

Thoroughly clean all furniture, inside and out.

While I am super proud of the speed and order of our unpacking and settling in I must admit we only did a brief surface wipe down of all our tables, pictures and chairs. Now we really need to do a good dusting and deep clean of all of our furniture.

Clean living room blinds, top to bottom

We have some nice white vertical blinds displayed in our family room accenting our sliding glass door. Well it seems that the previous tenants of our condo weren’t all that concerned with them so they aren’t so white anymore. They really need to be cleaned off.

Sort and give away old clothes & Towels

During our unpacking we de-cluttered a lot of the furniture and nick knack items collected over the years. We did not however sort through our clothes. I have a closet full of close that I haven’t worn in years and looking at them now don’t foresee myself wearing again. Some just don’t fit anymore. While I did lose all my baby weight the shape of my what is left is just not the same … thanks a lot breastfeeding.

Baby proof all cords, plugs, corners, cabinets and doors

Now that our son is starting to show interest in crawling it is high time we make some changes around our home. We have been holding off on securing all the different areas we would prefer our son not to get into, but it seems the time has come. We will be starting with getting locks for the cabinets, plugs for all the sockets and finding someway to secure all the lose cords around the house.

Clean couch cushions

My husband and I have plans on purchasing some bedroom furniture and a new couch before the years end. Until then we have a pretty open and spacious bedroom and our old second hand couches. Thankfully it is a couch that the seat and cushions covers can be removed and cleaned often.

Go through pots and remove the excess ones

When we got married one of the gifts we were blessed with were pots and pans … in an abundance amount. We have more pots and pans than I could ever cook with. I want to weed through them and pick some out to donate to friends, family or a local soup kitchen.

Shredding of personal documents

One of the things we went through when we unpacked was our filing cabinet full of our personal documents. Old tax returns, medical records, insurances, etc. Some are several years old and no longer needed. We have a trash bag worth of documents. We don’t want to just throw them away so I will be spending an afternoon shredding.


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