Mission: Bring Breastfeeding Back to Maryland

Over Easter weekend I had an awesome opportunity to serve in the house of the Lord watching and caring for the infants children of our church. Between the two different services I was present at we had seventeen different babies, including my own little boy. It was so nice being around all the different babies, ranging from just under two months and up to about eight months old. I witnessed such a wide range of different personalities and charm from these children. All I have really known was my son and the way he was beginning to respond to the world, so seeing these other children was a nice experience.

During my time with serving in the nursery I learned two very important facts. The first being, if it was up to me, I would not encourage parents to attend a two hour service that started at 7 p.m. At about 8:30 p.m. almost all the children began to realize that it was their bed time and wanted to sleep, each with their own different sleep routine that neither myself or the other attendants knew. So we had an orchestra of cries going (except my son … he’s such a champ). Needless to say we were all spent and exhausted when 9 p.m. came around. But this isn’t the topic of choice today.

I also learned that out of the seventeen babies we were caring for only one baby was breastfed. Each and every other baby including the barely two month old was on formula only.

Because of the setting and capacity I was serving in I didn’t feel it was the appropriate time to inquire of these mothers what lead them to their decision to not breastfeed their babies.

However, this actually woke me up in the middle of the of night when I came home and I stayed up for about 2 hours just thinking of it. And I was compelled in that moment.

I made the decision that night, that I am going to do what I can to help educate the women in my community about the benefits of breastfeeding. I recently attended a La Leche League meeting in my area and I may eventually even look into becoming a lactation specialist.

I am convicted.

So look out mothers of Maryland, here I come.

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