Goals Check

A few weeks before the start of the new year I announced several goals that I had set for myself to achieve for 2010. I realized this year how important it is to stop and do a check every now and then to ensure that the goals you set for yourself don’t become lost and forgotten. So recently I went back to my post and did a reality check to see if I was living up to my goals and getting some things accomplished.

This year I decided on just four goals. I didn’t want to overwhelm or burden myself with another to-do-list, I have enough of those. So I decided on four things that me that meant a lot to me, that were fun and in-depth. Here is what I have accomplished so far.

Start (and maybe even finish) writing a book:

My first goal for this year was to write a book. I have made some progress toward this, just not as much as I would have liked at this point. I also have decided to start simple, since I have never event attempted to write anything larger than a school essay, I figured I would make it an e-Book. Those are typically can run anywhere from 5-30 pages long. I have the title, the table of contents and the introduction all squared away. Some of the other chapters have some notes or key points mentioned but the real meat is yet to come.

Plant and harvest at least three different crops

I am happy to say that I am actually one-third the way through meeting this goad. I actually have an excuse why this one isn’t complete yet. The weather. The crops that I would like to grow all require that the last frost of the year has past and that usually doesn’t happen until somewhere around mothers day. We did however purchase all the supplies and I have already started to the container garden for some herbs. Once the time is right I will move those outside.

Post an average of at least ten blog post per month

I haven’t actually done the averages on this but at a quick glance over my blog admin page I can clearly see that I have more than ten posts for the past four months. I am not too concerned about being able to meet this goal at all. Now I am focusing more on the content of my blog and perfecting my writing. I am considering taking up a writing class to learn how to structure and produce better material and present it in a more mature and appealing manner.

Getting into personal sales businesses

This goal I still have time to accomplish but I have been doing my research. There are so many different personal sales business opportunities today for women that I want chose the right one for me, for this area and for my family. I have narrowed it down to two different companies that I have had experiences with and really like. Both companies have product and services that I find to be quality and would not only use myself but highly recommend to others.


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