Someone Almost Stole My Son!

So this morning, someone actually attempted to kidnap my son.

Okay so I may be over exaggerating, but then maybe I am not.

Let me share with you how it happened and what went down so you can be the judge. Kidnap attempt or simply another parent playing around.

On my way to work this morning I was actually running a little early and decided I would stop and full up my tank. I was running on E anyways so I know it needed be refilled.

I got to the gas stationed and filled up my tank as usual. After I had finished puttle the nozel back up I went around to start getting in my car when the man at the pump next to me made eye contact with me. Immediately he started smiling and talking to me. The first words out of his mouth was “Ooh so you have a little baby in there?” Pointing at my car.

Smiling back, “I sure do.”

He then approached the passenger side to see him. “Oh it’s a boy, how nice, you must be really blessed. So where is his father” (What in the world kind of question is that?)

“Oh I am blessed, thank you. His father is at work already”

“Here you should have this.” And he proceeds to take a lottery ticket out of his wallet and give me.

“Hmmm, thanks so much. I will have to look out for it.”

He then leaves and I get into my car. Right then and there something inside of my told me to go ahead and lock my doors. They usually automatically lock after I start the car and pull off but I was still putting my credit card back in my wallet and getting my seat belt on.

Just then the man reappears holding a child, a young boy probably between 2 and 3 years old.

He waves, and has the boy wave too (he’s waving his arm) and then goes toward my sons window and taps on the window showing the little boy my baby.

Then it happened … the moment of truth. The moment almost any parent fears.

He tried to open the car door.

In shock … I promptly half smile, wave at him and pull off.

I immediately called my husband and let him know that we are both okay and explained what happened. Of course he freaked and his whole day was recked from then also because he works over an hour and a half away and always fears that something would happen and he wouldn’t be able to respond like the hero he is.

At that moment I was scared but I wanted to believe the best. I want to believe that he was just being an honestly fun loving parent who wanted to share the baby with his son. Maybe he is a single father who is desperately trying to find someone to love and love him back and be a father to the child he had.

Then the other side of my was panicking and think all the what ifs. What if I didn’t lock the doors, how fast could he have gotten my son out? What if he had a gun? What if that little boy really isn’t his and he was a kidnapped child?

Have you ever experienced any thing like this? What did you do? How did you handle the situation? Would you go back to that gas station?


5 comments on “Someone Almost Stole My Son!

  1. OMG!!!! I don’t care how loving of a parent he is, what in the hell was he thinking? First, he’s a man, and should know better than to try to open a woman’s car door – a woman who is by herself. Second, as a parent, he should know even better than to try to be so intrusive. That is NOT the way to make friends for his son.

    I think you did the right thing and you should always trust your instinct. So glad you drove off right away.

    I hate stopping for gas when I’m alone with baby girl. I always lock the doors while I’m pumping and make sure I can see her through the window. I love the pumps I can set to pour gas by themselves, so I can talk to her through window while gas pumps. I then promptly open the doors, get in, and lock right away again.

    I’m so glad you guys are ok.
    .-= Melanie (ModernMami)´s last blog ..Working Moms: How Do You Manage Housework? =-.

    • pchanner says:

      It seems some people just don’t know their boundaries.

      The more I think about it, if he did try to take him, would I have been able to come around and stop him in time from taking him out of the car seat?

  2. Creepy! Good for you for locking the doors.

    I can’t say for sure whether he was going to do something so brazen/criminal/etc., but he certainly showed bad judgment. Asking you where your husband was (i.e., checking you were alone), giving you a lottery ticket (huh??), trying to open your car door (!!!). Huge red flags of wrongness.

    Sometimes I think men don’t know what it’s like to be a woman alone and are just being friendly, which we wrongly interpret as negative. But in my self-defense class, I learned that it’s better to be alive and safe than polite! Even if I hurt an innocent man’s feelings, I’m going to act (proactively) to protect myself and my child. You did it just right.

    So glad you’re both safe!
    .-= Lauren @ Hobo Mama´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: That can’t be comfortable =-.

  3. Responding to your reply Phil – but, no. I don’t think you would have had enough time. Always lock your doors. Try not to think about it too much more, though.
    .-= Melanie (ModernMami)´s last blog ..Use E-mail Templates to Clear Your Inbox Faster =-.

  4. kate says:

    If I’m honest I really think your over reacting, I have two children, and I hate it when people try stopping to coo at them and try touching them, but I really doubt he was going to rob ya son, 1st who would do that at a petrol station, your son strapped into his chair and I think if his intention was to take ya child he would of done it when he noticed your child 1st when you wasn’t there! If you really think like that I sure think u have problems! The guy was trying to be friendly!!

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