My True Blog Voice Discovered

A few weeks ago I wrote a open and honest post about my reflections on this blog and where I felt my blog voice was lacking. Today I come back to you changed, refreshed and whole.

I have found my voice.

In my roll as a follower of Christ, wife, mother, daughter, church employee, servant and friend, it is important that I am constantly representing a life that is full of Godly attitudes and temperament.

Why should I care about what others think about me?

Because simply: I do care. In my heart I believe that my life as a follower of Christ should always represent the teachings of Christ.

Does this mean that I am perfect and always nice?

No way … those of you who know me personally know that is not the case. I get angry, I get frustrated and I have a problem with really setting way to high expectations for my self and those I work with. But it is how I handle the angry and frustrating times that is important.

Needless to say that is how I want my blog voice to come across. I want people to read my blog and know where my heart and intentions are coming from. I want to be real with my readers and followers … and give them a fresh look into different life situations and circumstances. A source of entertainment and information. I want, when people come to my blog and read what I have to say … for them to feel as if I am just their long time friend calling them up one morning and sharing what I went through that day. Not some professor teaching, or advertiser selling stuff. Just a girl chit chatting about nothing and everything.


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