A Women's Endurance

I know I may sound like a broken record to some, but I am a huge advocate of natural childbirth. Yes, I am one of those hippie mommas who run around spitting out information on how women have been doing it for hundreds and thousands of years without medication and we can continue doing it.

Don’t get me wrong … I am not anti-drugsI am just anti-lack of effort.

Let me explain before you hate me forever. Having been down the labor road myself once, I understand it is no easy task. It takes endurance: the strength, energy, power, everything needed to survive childbirth. And that transition phase is no walk in the park either. You can ask my Doula Jen, at that point in my labor even I was asking for something … anything that could help.  I went into labor knowing that I wanted to try and stick it out, but was open for opportunity to use something if I just couldn’t take it any more. And that is what I ask of all the first time pregnant moms out there.

Try It first.

I have heard it many times ( I was guilty of it too before I really educated myself) “Give me the epidural now”and we are barely 3 months pregnant. So many women have been scared into believing that they can’t handle something before they even try … when it is just not true. There are so many different methods, techniques, tools and people out there to help now that really help you to progress in labor and endure those few rough patches of contractions. Counter-pressure was my new best friend. A simple thing like having someone squeezing my butt checks together made even the hardest contractions bearable.

I know … every labor is different. But in the end I want you to be able to be proud and say … “I TRIED” And have no guilty feeling if you needed some assistance.


3 comments on “A Women's Endurance

  1. amber says:

    Great post – “I am just anti-lack of effort” – I LOVE it!! When my son was born I was hoping for a natural birth, but didn’t want to discount the possibility that drugs might be required. I didn’t end up needing them and I’m glad it worked that way. amber 🙂
    .-= amber´s last blog ..Totseat – the washable, squashable highchair =-.

  2. doula jenny says:

    This is such a powerful post. I’m so proud of you. You had an amazing birth. I believe the 2 major issues many women have today is lack of knowledge and lack of support.

    We as women are raised having visions and stories of how horrible labor is, how gross birth will be and how they absolutely NEEDED to be in the hospital because, they had to have an emergency c-section…

    Taking back control is where it starts. Take the time to learn your options and figure out what’s right for you and stick with it! Hire a doula to help ease the birth process and keep it to your plan if you feel your home support is not enough. Knowledge is power!

    We are raising the next generation rulers. We need to teach our daughters that they need not be rescued from birth, the process in beautiful and powerful, and that only sometimes emergencies do happen and when it’s an absolutely true emergency (60% of births in central FL are “emergency” C sections. That’s a massive number!) Then its ok to say I was saved.

    I am raising my boys to see birth and breastfeeding for what it really is powerful and beautiful. They will one day be the strong powerful husbands encouraging and labor dancing with their wives and through that birth process fathers are also born. Men need to witness the inner strength of a women. The process will make for a stronger family and the support the person that loves you and holds you in their hear will always surpass the support of a doula.

    The process is breaking down. each time a women goes under an unnessassary intervention she loses a little more faith In her body. It makes my heart break more and more when I am left to pick up the pieces of a woman broken down by a traumatic birth. It is not supposed to be like this. Birth is not supposed to make us hate our bodies! The grain of happieness I do get from this as that as a doula I can help a mother put herself back together and strengthen her so that her next labor and delivery can be one that makes her whole again.

    My message to every women out there that is afraid of birth is this: you are a strong powerful woman go out and discover your birth warrior!

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