I Can Almost See the Light

It has been over a month now since my family and I have relocated, restarted, refreshed and reignited our lives in Maryland. We have all settled in, unpacked and adjusted to working all over again. I was afraid that this change would take me so much longer to get used to but I can finally say that the time has come … we have arrived.

I have even been able to start to form a normal daily routine that helps keep not only my life in order, but my entire families. Now don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been easy and some days I just want to skip it all and lay in bed. But each morning when I wake up and see that my house is in order it feels just too good to not want to do it each day.

My routine, which will probably sound very familiar to many other mothers starts basically when I leave for work.

The first thing I do before I walk out the door to head to work is taking out something to cook for dinner that evening. Depending on the meal I will even season the meat a little to as it thaws the seasons can soak in.

Once I get home from work I change my clothes, and get a fresh diaper on my little one. Once I have him settled in his toy of choice (bouncy, pack-n-play, or walker) I go ahead and start dinner, washing dishes as I go so there’s nothing piling up.

Once dinner is cooking I check if a load of laundry is ready and if so toss it in. Once that is in, this is my moment to get some personal quality time in with my son. We giggle, roll around and eventually he falls asleep for his late afternoon nap.

About then my husband is walking in a dinner is about ready. So we eat together at the table and share a moment or two by ourselves before baby boy wakes up for daddy time.

While they have their quality time, I pack up the remaining dinner for our lunches tomorrow and wash up the dishes. I also set out two tea cups, one for me and one for the hubby for in the morning. Put the tea bags in and the sugar so all hubby has to do is heat up the water in the morning.

Switch the load of laundry to the dryer and move into our bedroom.

There I get my clothes and my sons clothes ready for tomorrow, including his diapers for changing. I also make sure our bags are packed and restocked for the next day.

Now I go around the house and just check for any lose items that haven’t been put back and just do some straighten up.

By then the load of laundry is ready to put away. While I do that I catch up on some reading. I try to get a chapter a day in.

Lastly I check to make sure all my ‘Morning Time’ items are where I need them (Bible, worship music, tea cup, and Wii Remote –  all will be explained). If they are set, I grab my son, give him is dinner and set him to bed.

By now it is around 8:30 – 9 pm and I am pooped. So hubby and I share some more time together then I call it a night.

Occasionally I will pamper myself with some at home spa treatment items I have (facial, hands, feet etc.).

Rise and shine in the morning (after 1 or 2 late night feedings for the little man) and I start my ‘Morning Time.’ I am participating in a Bible in a Year reading so I do my daily reading then listen to a song or two of worship music while I stretch. I say my morning prayers and then turn on the Wii for a quick 15 minute work out.

About now hubby is leaving. So we say our goodbyes, make sure he has his lunch and check to make sure son is still sleeping soundly. Then we are up dressed and out the door again for another day.

That is my routine this month. Who knows how it will evolve next month.

One comment on “I Can Almost See the Light

  1. Chris C. says:

    And it’s an awesome routine. Again I thank & love you for all the work you do. Our home is in order & as soon as our evenings are back to “normal” after Easter, i can get home and cook some nights. Thanks for taking care of us.

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