Finding My Own Inner Voice

So lately I have had the feeling that when I post on this blog I wasn’t being real. I took some time and went back to read some of my posts. Not the giveaway – reviewy posts, but the personal be myself posts (which all should be anyway) and I just didn’t hear myself. You know when you read your own writing you can just hear yourself speaking out load as you read … well I was hearing someone else. I heard the person I thought my blog should be representing. And I realize now just how wrong that is.

I wanted to produce a blog that was about me, and my thoughts and feelings. Instead I feel that 75% of the time, I was so focused on producing material in a way that would ‘please’ everyone and ‘fit in’ with the crowd.

Well I don’t want to fit in any more.

Not that there is anything wrong with the ‘typical mommy blogger’ blog. I just realized for myself that I don’t want that at the cost of losing myself.

If I am going to have followers and readers and supports and such and such, I have to just be myself.

So I have devised a plan to help me treat my blog as a real friend and just be real with it. I have decided to name my blog and actually give it a personality (all in my head). And I am naming my blog, St. Tomb (Stop Trying To On-Up Other Mommy Bloggers).

Now it is just like talking to one of my real friends … just hope St. Tomb doesn’t get bored of me and my blabs as fast as my other friends do.


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