My Family is Blessed

I wanted to share with everyone just have amazing and awesome the Lord my family and I serve is. God has blessed our family tremendously and in more ways than I can count these past few weeks. As I stated in my Thankful Thursday post this week, we have packed up and moved from down south, to the wonderfully snowy Maryland. Let me just take a moment and give a shout out to God for the different ways he blessed this move.

1) Offered a Job. To start off, we had made this life changing move because I was offered a great position working for the company I had previously served just over a year ago. There were several changes in their structure which left a need to be filled. While my husband and I enjoyed our time spent in Florida, we were prospering the way we had hoped. So when this job was presented to the family we were really hopeful that it would work out. We prayed for several months for God to open the door and make it a smooth transition. After a few over the phone interviews I was finally officially offered the job on January 26th. With the quickness we started making moving arrangements.

2) Financial Blessing. That same week we had completed our taxes for the year. Since I didn’t work at all during 2009 and my husband only had one job it was a very easy process. We had it processed and our return arrived just in time for us to start packing and reserving the moving truck.

3) Living Arrangements. We spent a few days searching on the Internet trying to find an apartment complex that would work for our family. We had several in mind and my father in law was gracious enough to spend his time taking different tours and talking to management for us finding out the details we needed. After finding one we liked we started the process to sign a lease. We were almost finished when some snags started coming up, it wasn’t working out as smoothly as we hoped and had to pull out of that situation. Within that very same hour we received a phone call explaining that one of my co-workers owned a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo less then 3 miles from where we work that she needs tenants for. She offered it to us for a lower rate then we would have spent at an apartment with only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

4) Departed as a family.Once my employment had been confirmed my husband had put in his two weeks notice at his then current job. At that point we had calculated that he would have to make two different trips, one to drive myself and our son and then fly back to finish his two weeks then drive the truck. Well his boss understand the move and had compassion and suggested that he go ahead and leave early so we could all go together. And he still gave us the full two weeks pay.

5) Safe Arrival: Despite the blizzard weather that hammered down on Maryland on Friday and Saturday, we were able to leave and arrive safely to our destination by Sunday afternoon. Now our trip wasn’t totally without delay. We did end up staying over night in North Carolina and then hit a lot of icy rough roads on our way in. We had a few scares but knew God had us covered all the way.

6) Employment for all:Prior to our moving, a close and dear friend to the family found out we were returning to the area and emailed me regarding a positioning opening up in her office. I informed her about my then potential position with my company but asked if my husband could be considered for the position. She said ‘of course’ and we had an interview scheduled for him the Monday right after we arrived. Well that same day he received a call informing him that an official offer letter was in his email box waiting for him at a slightly higher salary then he asked for.

7) Baby by my Side: Well not completely by my side, but just one floor below me. We are fortunate in that my employer offers in house child care for us Monday – Thursday so our son will be with me each day. To make it even better, one of the primary child care attendants just happen to be my husbands cousin so will be with family and I can just head downstairs and feed him when he is ready.

Sometimes I pinch myself to see if all this is just a dream and that I am back home in Florida, unemployed and living as a Stay At Home Mom. I have to really give God all the praise for everything we have. Just looking forward to what else He has in store of us this year.

4 comments on “My Family is Blessed

  1. What an amazing journey for your family! It is awesome how everything has worked out for you!

  2. Chris C says:

    I know the move & just the way certain doors were opened while others were closed that God had His Hands holding us all the way. Again I will continue to tell people that being a child of God, it’s not always easy, but when God’s your daddy, He’s always looking after you. He’ll always know better than us.

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