My Dear Valentine

Dear Valentine,

My lover, my friend, my soul mate and gift from God. I wanted to tell you just how much you mean to me, to our family and to our friends.

I love you more today then I have ever loved you or anyone else on the face of God’s great earth. Only one person holds a higher rank then you and that is Jesus Christ (sorry, no competition but you come super close). When I first met you I knew that you would change my life forever. You have this charm, this grace, this beauty that you just can’t help but make a last impact on everyone you meet and I was no exception. From the very beginning your sense of humor, your chivalry, your heart and strong masculinity won me over. You were worth every second of the 5 year wait we endured before we became husband and wife.

Your presence in my life has broughtnew levels of respect, quality and vision. They way you carry yourself, lead this family and take ownership of your title, head-of-household, really demands and earns all the respect any man can get. I am so proud to be called your wife and feel honored that you will forever be the father to our children. I know that under your guidance our son will grow into a great and influential man, armed and capable of handling any life situation.

It never ceases to amaze me just how much our friends and family members seem to gravitate toward you. Many of our friends wives come to me after a gathering and express how much they hope we can hang out again soon because their husband enjoyed your company so much. You have this gifted ability to connect and relate to other men and bring the joy of Jesus and the Holy Spirit to their hearts. Without them knowing what it is about your presence, they just know that you are a friend that they can confind in, trust and enjoy to be around.

I know this may sound sappy, but you complete me. When I started college I knew my life tank had three holes in it. This first and biggest hole was filled when I finally learned how to truly give up my life to Lord and live under His will. The next hole was filled when I grew up and discovered who I really was in this world and what my true potential was. Then I met you and your love for me filled that last remaining void in my life. With the addition of our first child that now filled tank is just bursting at the seams and running over with joy and praises.

I can’t imagine my life without you and want to spend each and every day showing you that I care for, adore and love you.



One comment on “My Dear Valentine

  1. Chris C. says:

    I Love You so much & wouldn’t change a day in my life. Everything we have gone thru have prepared us to be together. God knew what he was doing. You aere an awesome wife, a super mom, & a best of best friends. Happy Valentines Day & I Love You!

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