Insure Your Love

Just like many of you other mothers out there, life and love took on a whole new meaning once I looked into the eyes of my first new born child. I really thought I understood love when I met my husband, but no, this is a totally different kind of love. I now live to ensure that the growth, life and environment is the best it can be for my baby and even more so now for my husband. That is why I am now seriously taking the time to look into life insurance.

You might be asking yourself what love and life insurance in common. More than you might realize! Simply put, life insurance is a product you purchase because you love someone and want to make sure they’ll always be protected financially, even after you’re gone.

As we know from the Valentine’s Day celebrations taking place in classrooms and romantic restaurants everywhere, love and fun go hand-in-hand! To get Americans thinking about life insurance as an expression of enduring love, the nonprofit LIFE Foundation is sponsoring the Crazy4Love Photo Contest. From now until February 19, you’ll be able to visit the popular microblogging website and share a photo that captures how you’ve expressed your love to someone dear to you. One Grand Prize winner will receive a $1,000 gift certificate toward a romantic getaway weekend. Go to to learn more about the contest and to enter.

Life insurance is a lot more affordable then many seem to believe. And you are not limited to only the policy that your job or your husband job provides. I highly suggest you look into the different policies, understand their coverage and insure that your family and loved ones are taken care of if God forbid anything were to happen to you.

By sharing this information with you that I received from MomSelect I will be entered to win a $250 American Express gift card and Insure Your Love family Gift Basket filled with Valentine’s Day-themed children’s books, DVDs and toys.


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