A Mother's Heritage: My Favorite Pastime

After I had my son in September my sister-in-law gave me a gift. She gave me a journal titled A Mother’s Heritage, A Loving Keepsake For Your Children by Ellie Claire. This is different from your every day journal in that instead of an empty canvas for you to free write, it has the topics and questions laid out for you. I like it because it prompts you to share insight to who you are that you may have never shown otherwise. Most of these questions are dealing with topics that, unless my children actually asked, I don’t think I would have jumped up and shared. Instead of writing them in the book, I decided it would be easier to do a blog post for each.

The journal entry question for this week was: My favorite pastime as a child was … I always wanted to play with my friend …

Growing up, especially in high school I was always reading a book. I took on other little hobbies here and there but my main love was reading. My first series I group up reading were R.L. Stines’ Goosebumbs. He had some many books and I just loved them all. I am sure now he had tons more that I haven’t read. But I have moved on to bigger more ‘grown up’ books now. I used to be into the mystery/scary books like that. Which is weird because I just hate scary movies now. Now I am reading more parenting, motivational, spiritual, growth books. Always looking for ways to inspire and grow myself and my family.

I always wanted to play with my friend … I would have to go back to last weeks post about my good friend. She was such a big part of my childhood and my favorite person to hang with back then.


4 comments on “A Mother's Heritage: My Favorite Pastime

  1. Chris C. says:

    Mine was going over to the park and climb trees. This was even better during the summer when it was mango season. It was me and a group of my friends.

  2. Wym says:

    How Cool! I’m gonna have to check the journal out. I want my girls to have a sense of who I was and how I got to be me. Awesome!

  3. Lora says:

    I loved reading as well…and that’s probably what I was most often found doing!
    .-= Lora´s last blog ..…at least i twisted my ankle on sunday… =-.

  4. Lora says:

    (ps, visiting you from SITS! 🙂
    .-= Lora´s last blog ..…at least i twisted my ankle on sunday… =-.

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