gDiapers – A Closer Look

You may have caught on before but my family is in a cloth diaper family and we are having a love affair with gDiapers.

This love affair began midway through my pregnancy when I made the firm decision that it would be in our families best interest to be a cloth diapering group. I started doing my research, learning how to fold, pin, snappi and wash the diapers. I was loving the research but started to wonder if my husbands fears of all the work involved would turn out to be true. I wasn’t really prepared for that … but I knew I did not want to use disposable diapers. I needed an easy and quick solution and fast.

Determined not to let me fear get the best of me, I hit the stores starting with Babies R Us. Thankfully I didn’t have to look very long because right in the front of the store was a table set up for these new (new to me) environmentally friendly diapers. For the last 40 years there have been but two choices in diapers. Cloth or disposable. That’s it. Now gDiapers offers a third option. 100% biodegradable*, flushable diapers. gDiapers puts waste where it belongs, in the toilet. Not the landfill.

The gDiaper system has three (or four) parts to it. There are the gPants, those are the diaper covers. They come in so many cute colors and styles, I am sure you will find many to fit your little tikes style. The second part is the plastic liner that snaps into the four corners of the gPants. This is to help add another layer of protection between the wet stuff and everything else around. Then comes the most important part, the insert. You have two choices for inserts, the biodegradable disposable insert or the reusable gCloth inserts. I personally use both. During the days, while we are home-bond we use the gCloths. At night and when going out for more than two hours we use the disposable inserts. The covers don’t dirty that often and we are usually able to use one cover to last a whole day’s worth of diaper changes. The fourth part to the set is the swivel stick for the disposable if you choice to flush them.

Yes you can flush them. Here are quick and easy flushing instructions:

Follow these simple directions and you’ll be a gDiapering pro in no time.

  • Insert the biodegradable gRefill or gCloth insert by pressing it into a tiny gPant or the little gPants snap-in liner.
  • Close tabs in the back, away from little hands.
  • Always keep tiny gPants or little gPants preloaded with gRefills or gCloth for fast, easy diaper changes.
  • After your baby is dry, happy and settled, take the used gDiaper into the bathroom. Remove the insert.
  • If you’re using a biodegradable gRefill, you can can flush, compost or toss.
  • If you’re using gCloth, put the solid waste in the toilet and add the insert to your diaper pail.
  • Preload for next gDiaper change.

It’s that simple.


6 comments on “gDiapers – A Closer Look

  1. Chris C. says:

    When we started using this system with our son, I was sold!!! The easiness of this thing is amazing. I love the covers also. This is so easy, even a dad can and would want to do it 🙂
    .-= Chris C.´s last blog ..Ty’s First Thanksgiving =-.

  2. I used cloth diapers too, but we had a service that came to pick up the diapers once a week. It was nice.

  3. Laura says:

    These diapers look fantastic. It looks like there isn’t any international shipping for them though…darn! Maybe one day.

    Stopping by from SITS
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Why I {heart} Holland =-.

  4. Andi says:

    Did you use the ting gPants or did you start at smalls? I just added mediums to my daughters cloth diaper rotation, but we’re having another soon and I’d love to hear about the tiny gPants if you tried them

    • pchanner says:

      Yes, we started with the smalls and moved up to the medium now. It will probably depend on the baby’s size. Even the smalls are kind of big for newborns. If I recall correctly we did use regular huggie disposables for maybe the first week. We just used all the free samples that we accumulated from different events and mailings. But once he started gaining some good weight we were using the gDiapers.

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