A Mother's Heritage: Happy Times

This weeks journal entry question was about some of the happiest times during my childhood … and what the difficult times taught me …

When I think back to some of the happiest times of my childhood I always remember the good times I had with my first ‘best friend’ Faith-Ann. She was exactly two years younger then me as we shared the same birthday. Even with the age difference we had plenty in common and had such great times having sleep overs and afternoon swim parties. We learned a lot from each other and our families together. I remember clearly the day her family moved … it was one of the hardest days I had ever experienced. We still kept in touch for a while but of course at that age it just wasn’t the same. We actually ran into each other when we were older and hung out once … it was so nice to see her again. But by then we had both grown up so much and had changed, with families of our own, so our once strong bond wasn’t there any more. I do miss her from time to time and always wonder how she and her new family are doing.

The most difficult time I can remember for my family was the time when both my parents found themselves with out jobs and not much saved up for us to survive on. I think this is about the time when my mom was studying to be a paralegal and driving taxis in between classes. I was just starting high school and making new friends. We had to move from our home that we lived in for several years to another home just miles down the road. Luckily I was able to stay near friends and continue going to the same school. I learned so much about the worth of a dollar during these times. Going through this difficult time really taught me how to appreciate what we had, not to expect anything or to never take for granted that we will always ‘have’ something. I am grateful for that experience now because I feel it has made me stronger and have a better appreciation for where my family and I are now.


2 comments on “A Mother's Heritage: Happy Times

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