New Years Resolutions

As each new year approaches I like to sit and reflect on how this year was and how much life has changed and how I have grown over the months. I use this time to test where my strengths and weaknesses were and concentrate on the areas that need improvement.

I would have to say that this year is number two on my list for most significant growth. My number one year for grown would have to been in 2004 when my husband and I got married and for the first time I was no longer living under my parents roof. That year so much in my life changed for me, my goals, values and plans changed so much from what I thought they would be. This year however, with the birth of my son, life brings on all new challenges, goals, values and plans.

Slightly different from my 2010 Goals, I have a list of New Years Resolutions that have been on my heart. Different items I feel will not only stand to benefit my and my own personal growth but also to strengthen and build up my family.

Here are my resolutions, in no particular order:

  • Read the Word daily: I have learned through personal experience how much more peaceful and in tune with God’s will for my life is when I am in His Word. Now I just need to make a focused determination to read the Word daily.
  • Stay physically active:I have been very active lately, walking and using my Nintendo Wii to exercise. I don’t want for me to stop being active even if I lose all the baby weight.
  • Make smart steps toward debt relief. Over this past year due to lay offs and bed rest pregnancy we have really fell behind on some financial responsibilities. I want to get in touch with the right people and have the right resources that we can begin working towards being debt free. I know it won’t happen in a year, but I want to make those first steps.
  • Keep active with my blog:I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences here and I don’t want it to end. I pray that nothing distracts me from being able to continue this blog. It has become a emotional outlet for me. And I know my husband enjoys keeping up with my posts.
  • Be more ‘Green’:I have been making some small changes in our daily activities but I know there are many more areas in our life that we can be more green-wise. So I will be researching and implementing more earth friendly practices over the months.
  • Raise my son to the best of my abilities. Pleasing God always aware of my actions around him and the influence I can have on him. Knowing my attitude and actions teach him about the world and how he should respond to it.
  • Be fully honoring and respectful to my husband.Remembering he is a real human being with real emotions, feelings, wants and desires all of which are just as, if not more important than my own.
  • And lastly … Be more active in the community.I really enjoyed the time we spent serving the homeless with Food Not Bombs over the holiday season. There is much more that we can do as a family to help and I want to be sure that we are doing our part.

3 comments on “New Years Resolutions

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  2. Chris C. says:

    This is a well thought out list and I’m going to try and help you fulfil them. Let’s go 2010!!!

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