A Mother's Heritage: My First Bedroom

This week’s journal question was … My bedroom looked like … and I shared it with … when I looked at the window I saw …

Wow, I want to try and search back to my first home that my family stayed in. I was born and raised in a small home in New Jersey. We moved down south when I was just turning 8 so my very young years were spent in our nice 2-story home. I remember outside my mom had her own little garden. I can’t remember all that we had out there but the two that I do remember were the little tomatoes and strawberries. At the edge of our yard was a little tree that was the perfect size for me and had a branch that I used to swing off of. We lived at the corner of the road that went down hill to a lake. To the left of us was this sweet little old couple who used to pay me for helping around their yard with stuffed toys. Oh and we had a grey puppy dog named Doogie.

Well as for my room, it was the first on the right just up the staircase. I had my own room while my brothers shared a room down the hall. My parents were right across from my room and the bathroom next to them. I remember how my room was laid out and that there was a window above my bed. Oh and my favorite item in my room was a Raggdy Ann and Andy toy chest at the foot of my bed. My dresser was to the left and the door straight ahead.

I remember the door location perfectly because one afternoon while reading in my room I looked up and saw a nice little bad sitting on my door frame. Ha, I think my dad squealed louder then me.


One comment on “A Mother's Heritage: My First Bedroom

  1. Chris C. says:

    Ha Ha awesome room. The first time I ever had my own room was when I was a junior in high school. Before that if you count when my sister went away to college. But I remember how awesome it was cause I got to choose what color it was and paint it and decorate it all by myself. I remember my 3 posters, my Ren and Stimpy Space Cadets, my SNES R-Type and my favorite, at that time, my Toni Braxton poster. *smile*

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