Holiday Bake-Off

Phew, so this weekend I decided to take on the challenge of baking over 150 cookies for friends and family this year. Doesn’t sound like too much but for me it is a lot since I have never baked cookies before, not even the pre-packed just roll and bake ones.

This weekends excitement included 4 different batches of cookies. Good ole’ ginger bread men, snickerdoodles, chocolate snow balls, and marshmallow reefs.

My sweet husband helped out bunches and I wouldn’t have been able to finish them all without his help. 

I wanted share the recipes I used and some pics of the finished product.

The Gingerbread People. I picked up this recipe from Kraft Foods. Was pretty easy. Hardest part was finding the gingerbread man cookie cooker shape.


Next I made the Snickerdoodles. This was super easy. When I took them out of the oven they were really soft and I thought I hadn’t cooked them long enough but they harden really fast. Yes, I know they are suppose to be round, I underestimated the 2 inches apart rule. It was one big cookie bar when I took them out. I found this recipe on


Then, my favorite so far Chocolate Snowballs. I had the most fun making these. They were so hard to roll at first but then I got the hang of it. Betty Crocker had this recipe.


And then came these crazy Holly Christmas Cookies. Most interesting recipe and cookie yet. Never had one like it before so I hope everyone likes them.  Found this recipe on also.



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