Don't Hurt My Gums!


So this is a bad picture, the little tooth speck is just behind his gums

This weeks marks the beginning of yet another journey into motherhood. It seems my barely three month old son has decided he wants to start growing his first tooth now. I first started to get suspicious that something was amiss last week. I began to notice the teeth outline clearly just below his gums. I figured though that was still had at least a month to go.

It seems that I was wrong. Yesterday I noticed a small white speck on his gum line. At first glance I tried to convince myself it was just a spot of left over milk from lunch. However, after some careful investigation and a little wipe down it was clear that calcium filled speck was there to stay.

Tomorrow after the hubby gets off of work we are headed to town to invest in some teething toys, baby ora-gel and some Brandy (just in case).

Okay so we are skipping the Brandy but can anyone provide some feedback on how their experience with baby ora-gel went? Was it worth it? Too strong? Not strong enough? I know each baby is different, so the more feedback the batter.

Or better yet, has anyone tried using an Amber teething necklace? I read that these can ban an awesome alternative but do not want to spend the $25 without some realiable reviews.


4 comments on “Don't Hurt My Gums!

  1. Lori Guyette says:

    I prefer to use Hyland’s Teething Tablets. Also a frozen wash cloth for them to chew on works well, but does tend to make a mess. When all else fails Tylenol. Our current foster baby cries even harder when we put ora-jel on her gums. The water filled teething toys that can be refrigerated work ok, but she doesn’t like to hold on to them.

  2. pchanner says:

    Thanks Lori. About the water filled ones, I always wondered about that … how do they hold them if they are so cold.

    I can see how the frozen wash cloth would work, he loves chewing on a dry one so I can image how much better that would be.

    I will look into the Hyland’s Tablets.

  3. Rozlyn says:

    Nice blog :)…I’m a dental hygienist and came across your blog. For readable reviews on the amber teething necklace go to and click on teething necklaces. All reviews are positive and I may try one (my DD is 6 weeks old) for when she starts teething. Hylands works well, I used that with my first daughter. Best wishes!

  4. We used the Humphrey’s pellets I was telling you about. You can get them at the hispanic stores. The orajel never really worked for her.

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