What Was I Thinking?

Daddy, Son and Xbox360

What was I thinking this past weekend when I allowed myself to get sick? I mean really, I haven’t been sick in ages and now, Thanksgiving weekend I go and catch a cold.

I know exactly when it started too. Last week Wednesday it was supposed to be just foggy in the morning with rain in the afternoon … so I thought it would safe to walk around 9:30am. We (little man and I) got about a mile out and then the drizzle started. We turned around but by the time we got back it was fully raining and I was soaked. Little man was protected in his stroller.

My point here though is not for pity over my 4 day cold, but for my poor husband and little helpless 3 month old son. Apparently, after the two weeks my husband stayed home from work after we delivered, he has completely forgotten what waking up in the middle of the night is like. Somewhere along the line I decided since I am at stay at home mom and my husband works 40+ hours a week, he can sleep in. But just this weekend I needed his help big time. Since I am 100% breastfeeding I still had to wake up but other then that I felt like I shouldn’t touch little man much. At least until the contagious time is over. And since this is a great time to give my son some healthy antibodies I wasn’t going to wimp out and give him formula. But man did I have the hardest time waking my husband up to go get the baby and bring him to me. And then he would go back to sleep knowing he would have to burp and possibly change him. It really seemed like the end of the world.

Oh and speaking of changing … since he was on daddy duty all weekend I wasn’t paying attention … having full confidence in dear husbands abilities … turns out our poor soon went over 8 hours without being changed. Now I could be a jerk and mention the amount of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 hours that were putin this weekend, but I am the bigger person here. 🙂 My little trooper didn’t complain once. He just gave me a look that said ‘it’s okay mommy, dads a man, just come back soon.’ Way to take one for the team.

Don’t worry folks, this mommy machine won’t be sick again until little man is potty trained, can talk, walk and make himself a bowl of cold cereal.


4 comments on “What Was I Thinking?

  1. 8 hours? Really? I should slap Chris. LOL

  2. pchanner says:

    No … it’s okay. Its all good. He feels bad enough already now.

  3. pchanner says:

    Oh baby … you know its all love. 🙂

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