The Most Surprising Gift I've Ever Received

As I prepare for the holiday season and start to activate my holiday shopping plan I am taking a break to stop and  reflecting on the gifts that I have received in the past. My husband is the shy type, until you get to know him, then he opens up. So if you ask him now he will be bashful and say he isn’t the greatest gift giver … he would say he isn’t creative. Oh but he is. Some of my favorite gifts ever have come from him.

The most surprising gift I have ever received came from him years before we were married. While we were dating one of our favorite activities to do together was to play video games … for hours. That particular holiday season there were several video games that were going to be released that I really wanted to play. Some he like himself so he talked about playing them also. Which I figured worked out for him because they were Microsoft Xbox games, and he owned the Xbox, not me. So more then likely the games would be at his house anyway, and I would only play them when I went to visit.

Needless to say on Christmas morning we began to exchange gifts. We got each other several gifts, two of which were the games I wanted. Yeah for me. Well after we were finished he said …”now wait, we are missing something.” He left the room and came back with a slightly larger present. To my surprise, he had went and bought me my very own xbox. I think I reacted very similar to the Nintendo Kid video. I was happy.

What is your most surprising gift ever? You can share your experience here with me and also check out TwitterMoms to find out how you can earn some Target holiday cash of your own by sharing your story.


3 comments on “The Most Surprising Gift I've Ever Received

  1. Chris C. says:

    I would have to say that growing up, after moving to Florida, Christmas gifts alot of times came after Christmas. That year, a couple of months after Christmas, my parents went out for awhile and when they came back my dad asked me to help take some things out of the car. When I went, in the car, on the back seat was my Nintendo Entertainment System on top of that was my very own 13inch TV with a remote. I was shocked and was like on cloud 209 🙂 That started my beginning in the gaming world. Awesome.

  2. J gave me my very own Easy Bake oven last year for Christmas. He knew that I never got one when I was a little girl, even though I REALLY had wanted one. I thought it was the cutest thing ever when he got me one. 😉

  3. pchanner says:

    @melanie, what have you baked in it so far?

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