That's Some Amazing Poop

Okay, totally random post but I felt that I should share this time with you just in case there are other moms out there that experience this also. I know having talked to reading several other mothers stories really helped me from freaking out.

So my baby hadn’t gone poopy in 7 days. Seriously s-e-v-e-n days. But you know what … I didn’t panic. I remembered hearing about this once before how this could happen. But I just wasn’t expecting it to happen to me.

I noticed something was up because the weekend before he had a messy diaper every time I went to change him. So after the 3rd wet but  no poopy diaper my mommy sense spiked up. By day 2 I was on every baby, parenting, infant site known to man. Day 6 I contacted my near and dear mommy friends about the news to see if they went through it also. Between the Internet world and personal friends I found the info I need to stay sane.

Apparently, this poopy hiatus time babies do is fairly common with women who are able to completely breastfeed. Some where around 3-4 months of age an infants digestive system is starting to fully develop. They are able to intake and process foods quicker. It is said that formula milk contains more fatty properties that allows babies to have regular bowel movements. So if a child is fed fully formula or partially formula fed this may not happen to them. Breast milk on the other hand has only natural fats and minerals that are digested and processed quicker and their little bodies are able to use more of it’s nutriments. When this happens, there can be several days that pass with out a real bowel movement. Each baby is different and the time passed can vary. Some can last as short as 2 days while other can go for as long as 10 days. The average is 5 days, with the longest reported time span being 14 days.

Needless to say this is nothing to panic about. Of course, it is important that you call your pediatrician and notice them of the situation. It is always comforting to hear that they aren’t worried and have reassuring words for you. Ha, my doctor actually laughed at me when I called on the 4th day. He told me to give it a few more days and call him if anything comes up.

Honestly I was able to relax more because of how my baby was reacting. Besides no poopies, he was completely normal. Watch your child and look for different signs of distress. If your baby is acting slower, sleeping more, not eating as much, groaning as if constipated or not peeing have them checked right away. If the lack of bowel movement is your only sign, relax call your doctor to inform them and enjoy not having to clean up poop for a couple of days. There are several websites and forums where mothers may suggest different remedies to stimulate a bowel movement but I would check with your pediatrician before trying anything yourself.

Funniest part of this whole story, when he finally poopied I actually made up a song for him and we danced for 10 minutes. I was so excited and that before I clean up the pasty yellow mess, I actually took a picture of it and sent it to my husband so he could share in the fun. Yeah, No the picture will not be included in this post.


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