Who Did the Turkey?


This past Thanksgiving I started to ask around to my peers about their holiday dinner and the different foods they prepared. I realized a common them, most of were still only making side dishes. The big dishes (the ham and turkey) are still reserved for the older generation members of our family. Sure they may have had the chance to make it once or twice before but majority of the time it is still our mom’s or aunts doing the hard core Thanksgiving cooking.

Why? Isn’t it our turn now. Aren’t we ‘grown up’ enough to be trusted to make the turkey?

We all have our stories of why it hasn’t happened yet, or why its only happened once or twice. For me, it was never offered and when I asked to make it, someone else is already set to make it. It is not out of laziness or unwillingness with me just missed opportunity I guess.

What is your story? Are you luck enough to be the turkey cooker in your family or are you still waiting for your turn also? Let us swap recipes and stories.


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