Staples & Twitter Mom's: How to Save Money This Christmas

 TwitterMom’s and Staples have joined forces and are encouraging mom’s to be creative and penny wise this holiday season by coming up with ways to still get the gifts but be smart about it.

My first step to saving money this year is to be organized. I started my list of gifts for each person. I know what I am getting everyone in my family ahead of time. That way I won’t be tempted and stray away while shopping.

Next I will hit the stores, but not to buy anything. I will go to at least 3 different stores to bargin window shop. See who has each item and who has the best price. It usually takes me at least a week to do this but it is worth it.

Third, I coupon hunt. Even though I already know which store is the best, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra 30% OFF coupon with me.

Fourth and finally. I do all my shopping in one day and get it over with. No looking back, no second guessing. I also wrap them all the same day also. It feels so rewarding at the end of the night knowing both shopping and wrapping are all done.

Here’s a tip to help other mom’s with kids in school or working from home. Need some school or office supplies check out the Staples Holiday Savings section. Great Deals!

Want to share you saving tips and tricks. Go to TwitterMom’s Share Tips for Saving Time & Money and see how you can share and possible win some holiday money of your own!


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