Giving Thanks

Love, forgiveness, honesty, and thankfulness …

Those are just a few of the qualities you learn being a follower of Christ. And today of all days we get the honor and privilege of sharing what we are thankful for with family and friends.

Every year brings new experiences, memories, challenges and rewards. This year my husband and I were blessed to conceive, develop and birth our first precious baby boy. We have been over joyed by the blessings this adventure has brought us so far. And love every moment we spend with him.

Just a few years back we would have not have thought that this time was possible. After an unfortunate miscarriage in 2005 and years of unsuccessful attempts we had almost given up trying to raise a family. But God showed his love and mercy on us this year and here I am writing this blog post with a precious (and quite adorable) baby sleeping on my chest.

That is what I am thankful for this year.

Thanksgiving Pic


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