Our Black Friday Target Attack Plan

So I have never really participated in the Black Friday festivities but now that our family has expanded things are changing. Why you ask? I have these reasons so far.

1. Our son will need some toys, fun toys, educational toys, electronic, etc. lots of toys. But start stocking up on the toys from now.

2. We need to save money. Better buy them on ridiculously good sales then spending loads of money later on.

3. More family fun activities to do together.

4. Weight Loss. What better way to spend the day after Thanksgiving then running around the stores sweating off all the food.

So this year, if your in the Central Florida area, we just might run into each other at Target. Here is my families Attack plan. Yes its a tad bit crude, not exactly to scale but you get the idea.


Do you have a Black Friday plan of your own. Check out TwitterMom’s on how you can win a $75 gift card to Target by sharing your strategy.



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