My Wii Fit Plus Experience

Since my husband and I are everyday gamers we were one of the first people to get Wii Fit Plus on its launch date. And I am going to waste no time and just jump right into my review of the game.

I think it is AWESOME!

We had the first Wii Fit and I was a pretty regular user of the game. For months it was my good friend and partner throughout my pregnancy, up until I was placed on full bed rest and could no longer exercise (dark times). So I was already familiar with the layout and concept behind the Wii Fit games.

With WFP, they only enhanced and improved the game. Nothing was taken out, just more goodies added on. Now with WFP you can track more of your progress with its Calorie tracker, waist and steps log and more.

My favorite feature has to be the Wii Fit Plus Routines that are found in the new My Wii Fit locker room. These routines are designed to help you improve in specific areas, by combining activities within Wii Fit Plus centered around a certain fitness need. Divided up into four categories—Lifestyle, Health, Youth, and Form—you’ll find tailored routines for everything from warming up to working your legs and hips. You can even combine multiple focus areas for an extended workout created by you!

Now you can imagine how excited I was when my good friend @modernmami sent me an email inviting me to a Wii Fit Plus Yoga party she was hosting. There was no way I could turn that party down. As the date approached she also informed me that there were still some open spots and I could invite some more people, so I brought along with me my mom and my cousin.

Five great Nintendo employees came out and set up a sweet room with over 10 Wii’s all set up for us to demo the new Wii Fit Plus game. The morning started with snacks and a welcome from the instructor. Next, after a quick tutorial of the game we all got a chance to try out a pre-set routine of some of the basic yoga posses. Then we had a quick lunch, followed by some free time to try out the new Training Plus section. The highlight of the morning had to be when the instructor returned to thank us for coming to their demo. She referred to it as her ‘Oprah’ moment because all of her assistants came out of the back room with Wii Fit Plus bundles for all of the guests along with a Wii Fit Plus jacket. I was shocked and surprised and super grateful. Even though I already have the game, this will make for one very happy family member this Christmas.



2 comments on “My Wii Fit Plus Experience

  1. So glad you all had a great time! I’ll be sure to share your post with the sponsors. 🙂

    Btw, @elsaodette is the one in the pink shirt and black pants on the left in the group photo. 😉

  2. pchanner says:

    Thanks, I would greatly appreciate that.

    Oh I see her. Now I remember meeting her. How nice.

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