Green Living is a Family Thing

Just this year my family and I decided that we need to be more environmentally friendly. We realized that there was much around the house that we could do to conserve resources and help our environment. We have begun making some great changes in our home and we can see not only the physically changes, but the financial benefits as well.

When we made the decision to turn our home green we turned to the internet for different recommendations as to how to start and what we could do. We found Beth Aldrich Green Living Tips and started to formulate our plan from her tips and suggestions. Some of the ways we started to go green as a family are:

  1. Cloth Diapers:When I became pregnant I wanted to find ways that I could not only save money but also before more friendly to the environment. I was so happy when I discovered the gDiaper system. I use their system for their environmental friends disposables when on the road and while at home we just insert a cloth diaper. I also heard that many cloth diaper moms end up doing laundry any where around 3 to 4 times a week to keep up with the diapers so I purchased enough diapers to last and only have to do laundry once a week. Saves money, helps the land fills and saves on water.
  2. Grocery Bags: We were getting tired of all the plastic bags building up each week. We felt it was better to invest in some durable reusable bags to use for all our grocery and retail shopping. They have worked out great and we feel it is one more huge step towards saving our community.
  3. BabyGanics:This is a line of house hold  products that are both people friendly and earth friendly. Founded by two dads that were compulsive clean-freaks but also family guys, they wanted to create products that were safe for the environment and around the little ones. These products are natural and organic, free of harsh chemicals/non-toxic, have no pollutants, no caustic ingredients, VOC free, no fillers or dyes, produce superior performance and are safe for people, pets and the environment.

 What ways have do you and your family go green in your hosue hold? Want a chance to win some prizes, enter the contest below and share your fun green stories.

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