Thanksgiving Traditions

Holiday dinner with roast turkeyMy husband and I have only been married for 5 years but each year our Thanksgiving holiday is growing and we are starting to develop our own traditions that we hope our children will also enjoy as much as we do. As a member of Twitter Moms it was suggested to share with our readers what traditions we have and whether our future generations would be encouraged to participate also. So far over the years my husband and I have created three solid traditions that we intend on doing each year.

1. Each year starting on November 1st we begin to express what we are thankful for. Each day we will write down something different until we get to Thanksgiving day. On that day in the morning we exchange the list with each other and read what the other person is thankful for. We love to see how many items we have in common. It is a good way for us to check if we are both still on the same page with our marriage, our hopes, dreams and appreciations.

2. On Thanksgiving night, before dinner we all gather around the table (extended family included) and we all share one thing we are thankful for with the family. This tradition has been in my husbands family for many years. I look forward to it each year now. This first year I participated before we were married I was a little nervous. The second year both my family and my then boyfriend’s family celebrated Thanksgiving dinner together. I was surprised when my boyfriend insisted on being last in line to share, only to find out he was using that opportunity to propose to me as we were surrounding by all of our family members. It was awesome. Oh and I said YES!!!

3. Our latest tradition started just last year. We call it ‘Secret Turkey’ Everyone has always pitched in and helped with Thanksgiving dinner. What is different now is each person gets to pick a dish they want to eat. Then we put the meals in a hat and some one else will make the dish for them. The fun part is on Thanksgiving day trying to guess who picked each dish.

Our son isn’t old enough to be able to participate in this activities yet but I am sure we can get him started next Thanksgiving. All of these have a personal meaning to us and brings our family closer together.


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