The All Natural Belly Bar


I was given a coupon to try out the All Natural Belly Bar which is the perfect supplementary nutrient food for pregnant and nursing women because this snack bar is packed with nutrients which may be lacking in the pregnant mama’s diet. I purchased a pack of their Baby Needs Chocolate flavor and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed each and every bar. I was half expecting the vitaminy grainy taste that you get with some nutritious bars, but this bar isn’t like that.

 Their research suggests that if you eat a healthy diet, one Bellybar daily will provide the supplemental nutrients needed for normal pregnancies so there would be no need to take prenatal vitiamins also. However this would be a costly alternative. While they are delicious and nutricious they aren’t the cheapest. You can find them at your local Walgreens, Targets and Babies R Us (just to name a few stores).

I do recommend to everyone that they try them out. I enjoyed them and will probably be going back for more soon.


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