Please Don't Question A New Mommy

Just a quick note.

Fact: Yes, becoming a parent is hard!

Fact: But, becoming a new mother is terrifying!

No offense to fathers out there, but it is my belief that mothers have it bad when it comes to succeeding as a parent. No dads certainly are not off the hook and for those single fathers out there you are included in the new mom’s category.

We as humans all have this expectation that mothers just know what to do and how to do it. We are looked to for guidance, protection, nurture, love, and leadership … all the time. And this is expected from us almost from day one. Once you pop that first baby out you feel as if you are under the watchful eye of your family, friends and even your babies daddy to do everything right.

News Flash!

We won’t do everything right or how you expected. But we are trying our hardest no matter how scared, frustrated and tired we are. WE WILL MAKE MISTAKES! We beat ourselves up each day for the little details that we missed or messed up on (trust me, as women we are our own worst critic).

So please be kind.

Don’t question our actions.

Please don’t put doubt in our minds or challenge our mothering.

We have it hard already. We just need your support.

Thanks guys

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