My Awesome Doula



As most couples do/should do in preparation for the birth of their child, my husband and I recently sat down and prepared what we thought was a very comprehensible birth plan. We sat down and really thought of what we considered to be the best and most comfortable way to bring our son into the world. Okay so it was a fill in the blank, multiple choice online birth plan, but hey it had questions we didn’t think about before so to us it was seriously comprehensive

Birthing at a birthing center really put us ahead in assuring the birth plan we wanted would be attainable. Which translates really into no nurses constantly asking ‘Are you sure you don’t want an epidural?’ For hundredth time NO!

One thing that came late in the plan was the addition of a doula. Originally we had all intentions of attending birthing classes and learning all we can to survive the pain and agony of natural labor. However, those plans were cut short once I was placed on strict bed rest. We did manage to get a few classes in, but not enough to really say we were prepared. Shortly after finding out I would be stuck in bed for weeks/months leading up to my delivery a lady named Jen contacted me on Cafe Mom. We discovered that she delivered her first baby at the same birthing center that I would be at. We made a great connection and she informed me that she was a doula.

Before meeting Jen I had heard about doulas and the services they provide. I was very interested but had some convincing to do with the hubby. He wanted to make sure that his role in the labor wouldn’t be lost by adding someone like a doula. So we sat down one Saturday morning with Jen to discus what her services could offer and how they could blend with his support without over shadowing it. Thankfully he was happy with the information he received and from then on we had ourselves a doula.

I am so glad that we found Jen and decided to hire her. Since then she has provided a great service to our family and a tremendous help both during the pregnancy and post partum. Before we delivered Jen was able help us develop a more detailed birth plan, teach us some great relaxation techniques, stretches, counter pressure points, ways to open my pelvis and most importantly the three L’s to contractions (long, loud and low). She was an amazing support during the labor providing counter pressure, taking me on walks, squatting and reminding me to breathe during each contractions. Post labor support has been great also providing help with breastfeeding and knowledge on post partum recovery.

I highly recommend Jen to all my pregnant buddies and if we are blessed with another child you can bet she will be there. Hopefully by then she would have fulfilled her goal of becoming a midwife as well.

You can check out Jen and her services at


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