Part of the Club

I wanted to announce to everyone that I an now officially a member of the club.

Which club you ask?

The mommy bloggers club.

Sure I have been blogging for a while now, and yes I was expecting my first child but now that he if finally here I can legitimately use the title.

But that isn’t why I am part of the club.

What qualifies me to join the ranks of such honored and sophisticated women is the following fact.

I am currently writing this blog post and breastfeeding at the same time. It is the completion of such multitasking, amibdexterious endeavors that allows one to utilize the glorious title.

And I thought I had arrived last week when I was able to figure out and nail down the art of cloth diapering and teach it to my husband. But no, that wasn’t quit the time. While that was a significant accomplishment to achieve, there is nothing like updating my social media world while attending to my new born baby.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring for me now …


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