Keeping My Cool

034-heat-waveI was really inspired to write this post after spending a good portion of last week in a house without air conditioning, in the middle of the summer in Central Florida. Typically not a good experience, but add on to that being 30+ weeks pregnant and on bed rest … NOT FUN!

So what did I learn about staying cool and hydrated during the summer.

1. Fans are my friends. At one point we had 3 different fans blowing in our little tiny room. Probably over kill but I still wasn’t cool enough … needed more then fans.

2. Gallons of water and Gatorade. I laughed in the face of the 8 glasses a day shenanigans and was up to about 12 glasses. Trust me, you need it.

3. Showers. Yes, multiple cool showers a day to keep you body temp steady.

4. Good friends. When the going got tough we packed up and spent the remainder of the time with friends. They were so understanding and sweet. Thanks guys.

5. Going to have my A/C checked and serviced every spring from now on. You never know how much pain and suffering you can avoid if you are prepared.


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