Summer Sponsored by Solo

This month we had the opportunity to participate in the “Summer Sponsored by Solo” program. The provided us with a kit full of fun summer snacks, games and cups. We Basically took the time to utilize all the various items in the box together as a family and see how we enjoyed the experience.

While my child isn’t quite old enough to enjoy … well about anything in the box yet (he’s still chilling in my belly), I do have friends with children who I knew would love to have fun with the toys and enjoy the snacks. So I called up my friends to see if they were willing to allow me to borrow their family for a couple of hours while we watched them enjoy the activities and took a few pics.

It is awesome to do participate in a sponsor program like this becuase no matter how much older I become, seeing those red Solo cups do always remind of summer being in the sun with friends and family having fun. Glad to see I’m not the only one that feels that way. No matter how many times they redesign their cups, its still the same Solo.


Summer Sponsored By Solo

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