Listen to that Heart Beat


My husband and I have two fairly large puppy dogs that are just bundles of joy to play, watch and laugh with … most of the time. The other times they are both just little terrors with their barking, continuously trying to escape, and chewing up everything. The puppies are Shadow and Sandy and they are brother and sister, same parents but from a different litter 9 months apart. When we got Shadow, we knew he would be a handful, but had no clue when we got Sandy how much of a beast she would be also.

Well it was clear from the tone and consistency of the Sandy barks this morning that Shadow was no longer near her and she was calling him from across the yard. Usually during the night (because they are escape artist) they are chained up near the house. I got out side to discover he in deed did escape and was nearing the fence which has a hole near the bottom that he could have squeezed through. Luckily we caught him in time. Sadly though, he was just a little too happy to see me outside this morning. Before I knew it, he had charged at me full speed and had his paws up to reach my waist to say hi. Typically not a bad thing, except he paws went straight for the baby. Not good … and to make it worse, I wasn’t feeling the little one move around anymore.

Once we got him tied back up, I went right back inside and straight to my Graco Bébé Sound Prenatal Heart Listener to make sure my little one was still ticking. I know, I was probably being way too paranoid but to me it felt really hard. It took me a few moments but sure enough there was a super strong and fast heart beat. Whew! I always knew my little one was strong,

That is when I realized how grateful I was to have this heart listener. When my husband and I were registering for our gifts we came across it and thought it would be the best thing in the world to have. Well for the first few months, it didn’t work as expected. And we should have known better because it says it right there on the box, best used during the third trimester. The first few months we heard nothing but the baby’s kicks and movements. I had almost given up on using it and forgot about it until this morning when I needed it. And wow, I had never heard the baby’s heart beat so strong and loud before. If only I could find the cord needed to connect it to the compurter I would record a few seconds so you can hear how clear and smooth you can hear you little one. I totally recommend getting this Prenatal Heart Listener to any expectant mommy out there.


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