Working on Upgrading

I have been looking into different ways that I can upgrade and expand on this blog to better provide my readers with information, resources and valuable life lessons. Over the next few weeks I will be working on the following changes.

  1. Getting my own domain. While is awesome, it is slightly limiting on what I can do with it. So I will be upgrading and getting a site. Excited for that.
  2. I will be redesigning the layout. While this lay out is pretty nice, I don’t think is speaks to all the other mommy’s out there. Again wordpress only has a handful of themes to choice from, now I will have plenty of more to choose from and tweak to make my own.
  3. I will be spending some much needed time building up some good content articles to share with you. While going through the last stages of this pregnancy is awesome, I am sure you will want to hear about other stuff unrelated to it.

Okay, so those are the major changes that will be coming. So if you have the rss feed saved, I will notify you once the new site is up and running so you can have that changed. I will probably leave this one open for a while with the last post mentioning the big move. Stay tuned and have an awesome weekend.


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