The Ups and Downs of Bed Rest


This past week has been an interesting ride for me and my family. Spending the weekend in the hospital tends to open your eyes a little and re-think your actions and plans. This all starts about a month and half ago …

I was sent home put on bed rest around the beginning of June due to some softening and opening of my cervix and at that point I was only 22 weeks into the pregnancy. Not Good. So I followed the Midwifes orders and took it easy. Well unless you ask my hubby he will tell you I did way too much. I was instructed not to do any house cleaning, heavy lifting, limited outside activities, basically stay in bed as much as possible. I really only got up to use the rest room and get myself some food. And we went out occasionally, to church, friends homes, shopping but nothing real major. Things were moving along well, and I didn’t dread being on bed rest as much as I thought I would at first. I made by with my trusty laptop and Xbox 360. In fact, things moved along so well that last week Monday during my regular check up my Midwife suggested being off of bed rest for two weeks to see how things are going and hopefully I could be off for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Well, apparently my body didn’t really understand what the details of the plan were. By Friday of that week I was really enjoying life. I didn’t go overboard and start doing everything really fast. I was slowly beginning to resume normal activities. I did the laundry, did some Wii Fit exercises and washed my hair. We had a few appointments to meet some possible Pediatricians but again, quick appointments, nothing big. On Friday night hubby and I attended our birthing class and that is when things started acting up. I started to have way too many contractions and we decided to head to the ER to have things checked out. Needless to say, 2 days later I was finally able to be released and sent home back on serious bed rest this time.

I thought, hey I should be used to this by now, sure I had a moment of freedom, but I am strong and can adjust quickly. Well for some reason, this time around is just harder. I am only 2 days in and I just feel defeated. After finding out in the hospital that my cervical situation isn’t improving but actually getting worse I feel like I could break any moment. This time around, I am limited in my actions even more. I can only get up to use the rest room and shower but someone else needs to prepare my food and bring it to me. I have tons of meds to take and can’t go out as much (church, doctors appointments only). Oddly enough, I didn’t mind so much being in the hospital because I had nurses and staff to look after me 24/7. Now at home I have to depend on family to look after my meals and needs and I just feel like I am such a burden on everyone.

Being on bed rest does have its ups and downs:

  • Lots of time to get some needed planning and preparations done for the changes coming.
  • Too much time, once you have done all you can from bed your quick to get bored and feel like you have too many incomplete projects lingering.
  • You can rest knowing you are doing all that you can to ensure your baby stays put and can fully develop.
  • You tend to over think each and every movement you feel (or don’t feel) and could constantly worry if the way you are sitting is effecting the situation.
  • You have lots to keep you entertained. Set up your TV, computer, some books, game system near by and you can have loads to do before the day is over.
  • You feel so disconnected from the outside world and so alone while everyone else is out working and being productive.

Have you ever been on bed rest or around someone who has? Share your ups and downs. What did you do to pass time and how long did your bed rest last?

2 comments on “The Ups and Downs of Bed Rest

  1. Think of it this way. You’ll get 7 weeks of pampering from those who love you most and want the best for Ty. Then…you’ll be Ty’s little slave for YEARS. So, it’s ok. 7 weeks is not a burden. 🙂

    • Yeah I know. I guess what is hard for me this time around is that my physical body seems so much weaker. I have lost so much strength in my arms and legs arleady. Just don’t see how I will be strong enought to manage him when he is born.

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