Are You A Gamer?


Playing video games have always been a part of my life. I grew up watching my brothers play everyday. I was not able to play because I was too young … and a girl. Well you bet once they left the house to hang out with their friends I was gaming for hours. Later on in life I was even able to play video games with my mom … her favorite game being “Doctor Mario.” Gaming has always been encouraged in my house and it will be a huge part of my family now.

When I met my hubby it was clear he was a gamer. And in our home, we will have to admit, we are a little bias on which systems we purchase and play. We are huge fans of anything Nintendo; from the very first system to the latest, the Wii we have had them all. However, our actual games collected and played list for the Wii isn’t that high, 19 games collected in teh 3 years the system has been released. Our next purchased and played system would be Microsoft’s Xbox & 360. If a day goes by and the system isn’t turned on for some reason or another I don’t think we could sleep right that night. We have slightly more games for this system. Our only problem is that many of the games that could be played co-op are on-line co-op only, meaning we can’t play together unless we buy another 360 and 2 copies of each game. Not going there. As for Sony PlayStation’s, that is actually a dirty word in our home … so that is the last you will hear about that.

I realize now how I was blessed to find a man who likes video games if not as much … much more then I do. And if you ask him he would tell you how blessed he feels to find a women that enjoys gaming as I do, apparently there aren’t too many gaming females. You see, many of not all of our friends are in relationships where the guy is a gamer and the lady is either just not into it or is very adamant about video games being the end of the world.

There is no happy median and fights can often develop over their gaming habits. But there is one thing I try to mention to all my female friends in this situation, and that is involvement. It is rare for the gaming gene to develop late in life, so it is more then likely that he was a gamer when you met him. Gaming is a hobby, a form of enjoyment, a challenge and something they enjoy to do. I just can’t comprehend fighting so hard to get someone to stop doing something they enjoy just because you don’t. That would be similar to if all the gaming men said to their wives, I don’t like to read books, I can’t understand why you read books so you should stop and then pouts and leaves the room when you start to read. Instead of fighting against the tide, how about joining him. You don’t have to actual play the game, but how about just watch him. Ask questions. Be a spectator and cheer him on. You may discover that you actually do like a game or two that he plays, and some day, some far away day, you may actually pick up the sticks and play a round or two … and enjoy it. And guys, be reasonable, playing over 40 hours a week and not paying attention to your loved ones … that just not fair. Compromise. I know a couple that has established a time table of when games can be played and when family time is. Works great for them, no hurt feelings or unexpected let downs.

If this helps, it seems that the amount of female gamers out there have increased over the years. According to a recent article by (computers and video games are their life) the amount of female gamers in all categories have risen in just the past year alone. My only issue with the article and it’s author (besides the slue of immature remarks left in the comment section) is their continued insinuation that the rise in participants is purely due to games such as Wii Fit and other softy games like that. I am not a feminist or anything but seriously, we are more than that. Right now the titles on the list of games I tend to play while on bed rest include:

  • Army of Two – EA Sports – XBox 360
  • Left for Dead – VALVE– Xbox 360
  • Kingdome Under Fire: Circle of Doom – Blue Side – Xbox 360
  • Battlefield: Bad Company- EA Sports – XBox 360

Not exactly the girlist of games, and I just know I can’t be the only one out there playing these games. One day the female gamer will truly be accepted and feared by our male gaming counterparts. ONE DAY!!!

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