What Did You Do On Your Due Date?

I know that it can be hard not to focus on your due date as the time approaches, but with only around 5% of babies arriving on time you may be spending your special day a little differently than expected. They say that of the remaining 95% that arrive either before or after the pregnancy due date, 30% arrive before and 70% after. So it seems there are many women out there that spend their due date anxiously expecting their waters to suddenly break, go into labor and so much more on that day only to be left with yet more waiting.

Well I want to hear some real stories. What was your experience? Did you have an early or late delivery? Or did your little one(s) arrive just on time? And how did you spend your day in waiting if you had one?

Me, I haven’t reached there yet, but I have had several dreams, all with the same results. If they hold any truth, I will be delivering slightly early and my labor/pushing time under 3o minutes … aha I love dreams.


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