Summer Tradition Anyone?

Road Trip

When I was young, each summer my family and I packed up in the family wagon and drive 20+ hours from New Jersey to Florida to spend about a weeks vacation at Disney World. Out of all the memories, I remember the drive there and back more then anything else because it was me and my two older brothers in the back seat, constantly bickering or playing the ‘I Spy Game.’ As we got older our games evolved to the ‘Punch Buggy’ game and then counting the different color cars. Oh and I also remember us all pumping our fists at the different truck drivers trying to get the to honk their horns. Good times. Things changed slightly when I turned 7 because we eventually decided to move to Florida and we would then instead drive up to New Jersey for our summer vacations. Well as time went on, my brothers and I grew up, they eventually moved on with their grown up lives and the long car trips stopped.

Now that we are all older, all married with families of our own we are all trying to find what our new summer traditions will be. For the past 5 years it has been a tradition of my hubby’s and I to get some delicious blue crabs at least every other week and pig out on the porch until we were stuffed. May not be a huge tradition but it means a lot to us and if we don’t get it, we feel like we are really missing out on a good time together. I am sure once our baby is here we will start building our own family traditions, and not just for the summer but for each season.

How about you? What has been your family summer tradition? Either a story from your childhood, or something you and your family currently do now. If nothing, what would you like it to be … the sky’s the limit?


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