Where in the World Would I Go?

TL_map-worldGoing on a trip around the world! Who doesn’t want to do that one day. Okay so there are probably a few crazy people out there who would say no … so we’ll just talk to the normal people for today. Can you picture it, traveling from country to country seeing the people the sights, eating the foods, listening to the music, experience their world. I wouldn’t care how I got there, either by plane, train, bus, boat, caravan, bicycle, just as long as I got there. As you can imagine, I have thought about this often. Give me 3 months of total vacation, no bills, no responsibilities, just the hubby and me (and the baby soon) bouncing around the world taking in our surroundings.

My ideal around the world trip would have to include stops at the following countries. The trip just wouldn’t be complete without spending some time at each one.

  • Japan
  • Australia
  • China
  • Germany
  • France
  • Norway
  • South Africa
  • Peru
  • Egypt

Honestly the order doesn’t really matter except Japan, we would have to go there first, I have always wanted to travel to Japan and see the cities first hand. Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by the people, their culture, their language, music, food, you name it. I told hubby that if found out we couldn’t have our own children, I would love to travel to Japan and adopt a child from there. I know, we can still do that one day even though we are in the process of having our own now … it’s still up for discussion.

But I have to face reality and accept that unless we win the lottery, or fall into heaps of money, this will just have to be a fantasy for now. Thank God for the Internet and plentiful amount of articles, pictures, videos and music. I can at least live my dreams there for now. My good friend recently took a trip back to her native country and was able to share here culture with me when she returned by posting some awesome blogs about her time www.modernmami.com. You could almost taste the food in some of her pictures.

Anyone else have similar dreams? Or have you been lucky enough to travel outside of the USA and see other cultures for yourself. Would love to hear your stories and see some pictures.


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