Birthing Classes … Are They Really Worth It?


Recently some one posed a question to one of the on-line pregnancy groups that I am a member of and the results were astounding. Someone asked … ‘Anyone not doing birthing classes?’ and the answers came back a overall ‘NO.’ I was amazed and thought ‘what was wrong with my hubby and I who are ecstatic and excited for our classes that start this week.’

I was confused and thought that we were being mislead into thinking the classes were worth it. But the more I read into their answers the more I realized … not all pregnant people are bright. Here are examples of some of their reasons for not attending the class:

  • From what I’ve heard from friends they aren’t that necessary, plus they’re expensive.
  • I went to free ones w/ my first and it was a waste of time. I already knew most of the stuff they talked about from other places anyway.
  • labor begins—> it hurts—> get epidural—> giggle with DH —>push when MW says so—> hold newborn—> baby opens mouth —> insert bewbie—> take shower—> take advantage of hospital staff—> go home
  • not because it’s my second child but because if you plan on having an epidural, you don’t really need to learn all the exercise ball tricks, and breathing exercises…
  • I owe him the consideration of NOT dragging him to a birthing class (speaking of hubby)

Some of these reasonings I found comical and uneducated, others just made me upset. From what it sounds like a lot of people already had a preconceived notion that the classes are a waste or a joke and go to the session with that mindset and end up leaving half way through and not getting the full education. Or the women who think ‘oh I am just going to push and be fine.’ One of the worse comments is about having an epidural so you don’t need to learn the information … seriously?!?!? Oh and my favorite, not having to drag her hubby … I just get so upset about all the couples out there who’s men either show no interest in the babies development or make it seem that it is a core to be involved. If anything could degrade a pregnant woman that would be number one on the list.

Okay, I am done ranting and raving. I don’t mean to offend anyone or their opinions, but I just find it funny for people who have never participated in something before advise others it is a waste. I am hopeful about our decision to attend the classes and look forward to what additional information we will learn regarding our lil monkey, his development and eventual birth. I strongly encourage all first time mothers out there to attend one and see for yourself if you truly learn nothing like your friends may imply.


3 comments on “Birthing Classes … Are They Really Worth It?

  1. I went, loved it, and then ended up not using the breathing techniques because I had a necessary c-section and no TRUE contractions. But, even still, the experience was a good and fun one. We met other folks, talked, and did learn some calming techniques which can be used for any situation. Go, enjoy, and make your own decisions! 😉

    Oh, and I agree. I hate when the husband/partner is made to be an accessory.

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